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Submit Recruitment Request

This quick steps guide demonstrates how to submit a Recruitment Request for Staff and MPP positions through PeopleSoft. Before starting the online recruitment request process, the hiring department needs to have a conversation with the Human Resources (HR) Manager to ensure all aspects of the recruitment plan are in compliance. Before submitting the online recruitment request, the hiring department also needs to have internal conversation about their recruitment plan with their supervisor/manager/dean/VP/Provost, as applicable.

When your recruitment request is submitted in PeopleSoft, it triggers an email notification to HR. Once HR approves your recruitment request, the approvers in your area are notified.

Log In

  1. Navigate to the Staff home page
  2. Click PeopleSoft MyHR link
  3. Enter your NetID and Password
  4. Click Sign In

Request an Existing or New Position (Staff/MPP)

This process is used when you are recruiting for an existing Staff or MPP position in your department. For example, when a current employee leaves a position and you want to recruit to replace that employee. A change to the Reports-To information for this position is permitted with this request. Do not use this process to request a New Staff or MPP position, see the next section for steps on how to request a new Staff or MPP position.

  1. Navigate to East Bay HR > eRecruit > Recruitment Request
  2. Click the Add a New Value tab
  3. The Effective Date defaults to today’s date and should not be changed
  4. Enter the Department ID for your recruitment
    • The Division name defaults based on the department ID entered.
  5. Click the Existing Position radio button or New Position radio button, as applicable
  6. Select Yes or No drop-down option for “Is this an MPP Position?” field, as applicable
  7. If you are requesting an existing position, type in the position number or click the lookup icon to search for the position number
    • The EmplID and Name will automatically populate with the information of the employee who last held this position.
    • If you do not have the Position number, you can enter or lookup the EmplID of the last person who held this position and it will automatically populate the Position number.
  8. Reason for Leaving Position is an Optional field
  9. Click the Save for Later button
    • This will not trigger the Approval process, but prevent loss of data in case you need to stop or get interrupted.
    • The Job Opening Requisition ID gets generated upon clicking Save for Later. This is not the same number as Job Opening ID.
  10. Click the Position Information hyperlink
  11. Verify the position data which defaults from Position Management
    • You can change any of the Job Information and Work Location fields except the Job Code field after having a conversation with the HR Manager.
  12. Click the Department Budget Information hyperlink
  13. Enter the funding data, as applicable
  14. Click the Return to Position Information button
  15. Click the Search Plans hyperlink
  16. Click the Marketing ID lookup icon to see a list of advertising options
    • If you are only using the standard CSUEB advertising, skip this field.
  17. If you plan to do paid advertising for your recruitment, enter the Authorized Amount
  18. Indicate the Job Posting Period
  19. Enter the Names and/or EmplIDs or Position numbers of the Search Committee members
    • You can use this section as a textbox to enter any other information/comments about your recruitment plans.
  20. Click to View Standard Adversting hyperlink provides the list of CSUEB’s standard advertising sources
  21. Click the Posting Information hyperlink
  22. Enter data in the Job Descriptions sections, as applicable
    • This text is used for the online job posting. Instead of typing the job description information, you can attach it on the Attachmentshyperlink.
    • Enter the job description information to the best of your ability. Your HR Manager will work closely with you to fine tune this information for eventual posting online. Additional standard items will be added before posting.
  23. Help: Optional, click the Help hyperlink for recommended content for each section
  24. Spell Check:Optional, click the dictionary icon to spell check your text
  25. Click the Applicant Attachments hyperlink
  26. The Resume Attachments is the default Attachment Type, if it is required that applicants attach a resume along with their application, check mark the Required check box
  27. Click the plus sign to add more Attachment Types, such as Cover Letters and References
    • Check mark the Required check box if any of the additional attachment types are required.
  28. Click the Attachments hyperlink
  29. Click the Add Attachment hyperlink to attach any supporting documents for this recruitment request
  30. Click the Attachment Type drop-down menu and select the attachment type
    • At a minimum, attach a position/job description. You can add more attachments later. Check with your HR Manager if you have questions about what attachments are required.
  31. Click the Browse button to retrieve the document from your computer
  32. Locate the file on your computer and select it
  33. Click the Open button
  34. Click the Upload button
  35. Click the Save & Return or Save & Add More button if you want to add other attachments at this time
    • If you want to delete your attachment, you can click the Trash can.
  36. Click the Save for Later
  37. Click the Print Recruitment Request button to view all of the data you have entered for this request in a single view
  38. Click the Open button
  39. Optional, navigate to File > Save As to save it on your computer for distribution to your supervisor/manager
    • The purpose of this document is for distribution and review of the request and its content with the decision makers. It is critical that this document is distributed with the decision makers in your area before the request is submitted. You can keep a Recruitment Request in Saved for Later status as long as you need. Wait until the request is fully discussed before submitting it in PeopleSoft.
  40. When you are finished with the data entry for the Recruitment Request, and after confirming that all decision makers for the request have reviewed it, click the Submit button
    • Clicking the Submit button triggers the approval process. An automatic email will be sent to Human Resources Office for review and approval of your Recruitment Request. This may take a few moments to process. You can no longer edit any of the information. You will only be able to add Attachments or edit Applicant Attachments section. Consult with your HR Manager if you need to add attachments after the request has been submitted.
  41. Click the OK button to proceed or click the Cancel button if you are not ready to submit the Recruitment Request
  42. Once you submit the request, the Approvals page displays with the name of the person who submitted this request along with the date and time stamp
    • The approval process starts with Human Resources. Once HR reviews and approves your Recruitment Request, an automatic email is sent to the next approver in the approval workflow and so on. Once the Recruitment Request is fully approved, HR is automatically notified via email. HR then creates the Job Posting and notifies the hiring department.
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