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View Recruitment Request

This quick steps guide demonstrates how to view existing Recruitment Request for Staff and MPP positions in PeopleSoft.

Log In

  1. Navigate to the Staff home page
  2. Click MyHR link
  3. Enter your NetID and Password
  4. Click Sign In

View Existing Recruitment Request

This section demonstrates how to view existing Recruitment Requests (that have been submitted or saved for later) using the Recruitment Request search page and the Recruitment Request Inquiry page.

Recruitment Request Search Page

Use the Recruitment Request search page to return to an incomplete Recruitment Request that you have saved for later or to access submitted Recruitment Request.

  1. Navigate to East Bay HR > eRecruit > Recruitment Request
  2. Click the Find an Existing Value tab
  3. Click the Search button
    • You can use the Search by drop-down to search by Department ID number or Job Opening Requisition ID
  4. The search result displays
    • The Department ID/description, Job Code/description, Position number/description, and the Status of the Recruitment Requests appear in the search results.
    • You can only view Recruitment Requests for departments that you have access to.
  5. Click the Job Opening Requisition ID number you wish to view
  6. Navigate throughout the different hyper links to view the data
    • If this is a saved for later request, you can edit it and submit it when ready. If it is a submitted request, it cannot be edited, but additional documents can still be attached on the Attachments page and edits can be made on the Applicant Attachments page.

Recruitment Request Inquiry

This inquiry page displays saved for later or submitted Recruitment Requests. Use this page to see a snapshot of the status of a request without having to navigate into the Recruitment Request itself. This page displays the status of the request whether it is open in an approval state, the name of the pending approver is also displayed.

  1. Navigate to East Bay HR > eRecruit > Recruitment Request Inquiry
  2. Click Refresh Data button
    • You can search by Department ID or Recruitment Request Status.
  3. The search results display
    • Review the information for the Job Req ID of your choice.
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