Freshman Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Admission Requirements for students with U.S transcripts, international transcripts, or combination of both
Requirement Have transcript(s) from schools outside the US only Have transcript(s) from schools within the US only Have transcript(s) from a combination of schools outside & within the US


* see Eligibility Index

For California residents, a GPA of 3.00 and above qualifies for any score in SAT. A GPA below 2.0 does not qualify for admission. California Resident Eligibility Index

For non-California residents, A GPA of 3.61 and above qualifies for any score in SAT. A GPA below 2.47 does not qualify for admission. Non-Resident Eligibility Index

  1. 3.0 – If graduated outside the US
  2. Based on the eligibility index
English Proficiency Yes Not required
  • TOEFL: 61 ibt, 525 pbt
  • IELTS: 6.0  
  • If studied 3 consecutive years where English was the medium of instruction – TOEFL/IELTS not required
A-G Coursework Not required Yes Contact International Admissions for specific details
SAT/ACT Not required Yes If graduated from US high school – SAT/ACT required (some exceptions may apply)

Additional Information:

If you have taken "O" level examinations, CSUEB requires that five subjects are passed in one sitting or the same year, including Math and English (English as an ESL is not acceptable). Certified copies of "O" level examinations must be sent directly to CSUEB from the testing service or attested by your school; scores sent by the applicant are not official.

If you have taken "A" level and/or "AS" level examinations, CSUEB may award college credit of up to 24 semester units if you pass these exams with a "C-" or higher. CSUEB must receive "A" and "AS" level examination scores directly from the Board of Examinations. Scores sent by you or certified statements of exam results are not acceptable.

If your studies were in the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum program, please submit your school transcripts for evaluation. You will be required to complete four years of English and three years of mathematics and earn a passing score of "C-" or higher. For those earning scores of 4 or higher on the IB Higher Level exams, CSUEB may award college credit. 

You may be eligible to receive college credits from taking CLEP and Advance Placement (AP).  Requirements are applied.

Note: The final transcript evaluation will be done at the time of matriculation. For further information on admission process, please contact international admission office "".