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International Student Testimonials

Olive Shang photo

Olive Shang, Cameroon, BS Biological Sciences

“The Opportunities and valued lessons I received through the course of my studies at California State University, East Bay are unmatched till date. One of the aspects of my experience at CSU East Bay that prepared me for my OPT was its rich cultural diversity. While at CSU East Bay, I studied and worked students/professors from many different cultures. I learned how different people approach situations based on their cultural backgrounds which made my transition into the diverse workforce of the Bay Area very smooth. I am currently on my OPT STEM tenure working as a Research Associate in a pathology lab at Fremont California, where I continue to use the academic and professional skills I learned through a well rounded education at CSU East Bay.”
Ishita Thanki photo

Ishita Thanki, India, MS Computer Networks

"One of the experiences I value most about studying at CSUEB has been about working with a mix of culturally diverse group of faculty, staff, leaders and getting to know more about clubs, events and activities held at campus. I have had the privilege to work with Associated Students, Student Life and Leadership, ITS Web Services and as a Computer Science TA during my journey. While studying MS in Computer Science / Networks at CSUEB, I not only gained knowledge of building various applications, platforms, and technologies but also got a chance to work on many projects, one of my favorite of which was a multi-factor authentication research project with Dr. Levent Ertaul. I felt deeply involved with the curriculum and experienced ongoing personal and professional career growth both through my work on campus and my practical training in Silicon Valley. Currently I am working as a Scrum Master, Agile Expert with Cisco Systems Inc, where applying my talent and skills gives me a tremendous sense of fulfillment. I feel very lucky to have been a part of the CSUEB Family. #ForeverPioneer #CSUEB #gopioneers"
Jeff Cho photo

Jeff Cho, South Korea, MS Accountancy

"CSUEB’s MS Accountancy program is a great stepping stone to a career in public accounting or finance, as it allows graduates to be potential CPA candidates. Through this program, I was able to take part in networking events with accounting firms, developed valuable relationships with fellow peers now working in the same industries, and landed a full-time position with Deloitte & Touche, LLP. Employment for international students is very much possible!"

Egxona Ferati from Kosovo

Egxona Ferati, Kosovo, BS Computer Science

"Being able to work at Facebook has been a life-changing opportunity, and validation of all the effort I put into my education at Cal State East Bay.  Having come to CSUEB as a transfer student, I really appreciated being given the chance to do an internship in the Computer Emergency Response Team within Facebook's Information Security, where I got to learn from top security professionals.  I felt supported by my professors and staff at the University throughout the CPT process and was thrilled when Facebook offered me a position as a Security Engineer, working on protecting employees and users from external threats, for my OPT.
Vijaykumar Mamidala photo

Vijaykumar Mamidala, India, MS Computer Science

"CSUEB being in the middle of the Bay Area, helped me a lot in networking with various software companies. This indeed provided me an opportunity to intern at VMware which has been an amazing experience and great step towards accomplishing my career goals. The structure and course curriculum of the Computer Science department at Cal State East Bay helped me in exploring my technical skills and applying them to my work. I would like to thank all the professors and management for helping and supporting students every step of the way."
Jeff Cho
Jian Du from China

Jian Du, China, MS Business Analytics

"The MS Business Analytics Program at CSUEB is really a good choice for those who want to start their career in the field of business analytics and get involved in the world’s trend of big data and machine learning. Because of the program’s perfect combination of well-organized course structure and abundant contents, not to mention the dedicated professors and instructors, any self-motivated student can easily become either a data analyst or a data engineer, I am currently interning in a start-up cellphone gaming company Cloudcade as a business intelligence analyst in San Francisco, which gives me the chance to apply my analytic skills to practical problem and get to know the industry trends. I’m glad I chose the MSBA Program at CSUEB."

Andrea Espitia from Colombia

Andrea Espitia, Colombia, MS Engineering Management

I have been pleased to find a well-balanced program of study at Cal State East Bay, which is not only very analytical and technical by nature, but also has helped me to build leadership and team- building skills. I am currently a Program Management Intern at a semiconductors high tech company located in San Jose, CA. This has been a great opportunity to learn and grow in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, surrounded by brilliant and inspiring people every day.” 

Roman Nersisyan from Armenia

Roman Nersisyan, Armenia, MS Computer Science

“The fundamentals classes at CSUEB combined with my previous experience helped me to get the work I wanted in the Software Defined Networking area, which is one of the hottest and most cutting-edge fields in IT.  I started an internship at Hewlett-Packard’s networking department as soon as I was eligible for CPT. Because I so enjoyed my work at HP, I joined the company as a regular employee for my OPT program as well. "

Meena Purbia from India

Meena Purbia, India, MBA

CSUEB has a diverse culture and prepares graduates for the rapidly changing globally competitive environment. I am currently interning at SAP Labs, Palo Alto in the Big Data and Analytics team. What I like about my role is I am a product owner and I get to work with product management teams and other stakeholders. CSUEB helped me develop the critical thinking needed for the job as well as giving me direction as I pursue my career growth.” 

Nasser Al-Ali from UAE

Nasser Al-Ali, United Arab Emirates, MS Statistics

“One of my main reasons for choosing CSU East Bay is that its program combines the theoretical knowledge and practical skills one needs to be qualified to work immediately after graduation. I was honored to intern at Genentech in the Biometrics Department; this helps me to apply the things I learn in class to real-life problems. Part of my responsibilities at Genentech is to analyze patients’ data and produce statistical reports. It is a great opportunity for me because I get to work with people from di erent back- grounds in order to develop drugs for fatal diseases such as cancer.” 

Riddle Sood from India

Riddhi Sood, India, BS Biology

“CSUEB’s undergraduate biology program rivals other neighboring universities by its strong theory-to-application based learning outcomes in upper division classes. I had the opportunity to learn cutting-edge technology like next generation sequencing through my classes. This experience along with my independent research work with Dr. Baysdorfer helped me gain an internship with Novartis and eventually a job at UCSF as Sta Research Associate.” 

Brazer Bozlak from Sweden

Brazer Bozlak, Sweden, MS Construction Management

“CSUEB’s Construction Management program seemed to be the perfect match as the only Construction Management degree in the Bay Area. I am currently interning at a large global construction company called Skanska USA as a Project Engineer, which offers me the opportunity to put classroom theory into practice. I see this practical training as a vital part of my experience at CSUEB and believe that it will not only provide me with industry inputs but also gives me a much better chance of landing my dream job upon graduation.” 

Benrui She of China

Benrui She, China, MS Computer Science

“The project assignments we had in Computer Science courses in CSUEB were very helpful in preparing me for job interviews and daily work in an IT company. By doing OPT, you can learn tons of things every day since you can work closely with many experts in this industry. Some of my colleagues at Cisco are actually the developers of current industrial standards.“ 

Ángela Jimenez Velayos from Spain

Ángela Jimenez Velayos, Spain, MA TESOL

“From the moment I chose to enroll in the Master’s in TESOL at CSUEB, I began to grow as both a teacher and as a person.  Coming from a country where language teaching still applies the traditional Grammar Translation Method, the knowledge that I acquired allowed me to offer a unique perspective and make learning English an enjoyable experience. I was fortunate to have teachers at CSUEB that instilled teaching approaches and techniques where students learn from engaging, cooperating, negotiating meaning with their classmates, and being active participants in the classroom.  I have come to realize that without the knowledge I obtained during those two years, I would be unfamiliar with many of the tools necessary to be an effective teacher and ill-prepared to craft my teaching philosophy.  I will always cherish my experience at CSUEB and am grateful for the role it played in helping me prepare for my career.”

Mayuri Ferodiya of India

Mayuri Firodiya, India, MS Engineering Management

"The most valuable aspect of the Master of Engineering Management program at CSUEB is the multi-disciplinary approach geared towards business and management acumen with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of technical concentrations. The interactions with multi-disciplinary students promote problem solving from different perspectives; industry specific examples from professors help to relate specific management techniques to the real industry problems and applications. This well-balanced program helped me get an internship and then also get hired full-time at Logitech Inc. My program at Cal State East Bay encouraged me to think outside the box and come up with new ideas, along with the engineering mind-set and this helped me put myself on the right career path"
Bohdan Stryuk from Ukraine

Bohdan Stryuk, Ukraine, MS Economics

“Cal State East Bay professors are always going above and beyond to expose you to both academic and career opportunities. As a former performance analyst for an investment bank, I was blessed to receive an opportunity to work with the smartest and brightest consultants in Corporate Real Estate as a member of the CBRE team for my CPT. Building financial models using knowledge I gained in my previous roles and enhancing it with newly acquired analytical/technical skills, I was able to quickly stand out among my peers and add value to our clients. CSUEB is the right place to invest in yourself and build life-long relationships.”

Amrita Chopra from India

Amrita Chopra, India, MS Computer Science

“CSUEB was a life changing decision for me. It helped me to reach my career goals in every way. The kind of knowledge and exposure I got from CSUEB helped me to get my dream job. The best thing is it is located in the Bay Area which is a hub of all kinds of companies and startups.”

Tatiana Bogomolova, Russia

Tatiana Bogomolova, Russia, MBA

“I applied for OPT at the end of my last quarter. Almost right away I was offered a job in a purchasing department of a Bio-Tech company helping the most talented scientists from all over the world to have everything they need for their research. So far it is the most fulfilling, important and interesting job I’ve ever had.“ 

Pakan Poursaid Esfahan from Iran

Pakan Poursaid Esfahan, Iran, MS Computer Science

“The school being close to Silicon Valley provided me with the opportunity to meet Silicon Valley’s work force and expand my network. During my master’s, I worked as a Software Engineer intern at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). This internship was a great intermediate step preparing me to move into Silicon Valley. Right after graduation I started my OPT internship at a large global software company, SAP.”

Pratik Patel from India

Pratik Patel, India, BS Computer Science

"The location of the Cal State East Bay is vital for attracting talented and experienced faculty members. Many of my teachers have industry experience, teach at other schools in the area and know potential recruiters in the region. This exposed me not only to the academic side of my field but also the industry one. Furthermore, while living in the Bay Area, I had many opportunities to attend technical events and lectures at our University and in the vicinity. The knowledge I gathered at such occasions combined with what I had learnt in my courses, helped me stand out."
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