Phase I of Campus-Wide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone System Update Going Well


Over the summer ITS began an exciting new project to upgrade the campus phone infrastructure. The new system runs over the campus data network (VoIP) rather than using traditional phone lines, allowing for additional functionality (for example, being able to check voicemail from anywhere through your email). As an added bonus, the new system will cost the university less to run and maintain, as well. 

Phase I involves a test roll-out to 150 users across campus - if you're participating in Phase I, you have already received a notification. We are in the process of testing the newly installed equipment before rolling out additional new phones to participants. We expect to complete this first phase by the end of 2016.

Phase II begins right after the holidays with a multi-step building-by-building roll-out across the entire campus. As the date draws nearer, a detailed schedule will be available online for the exact day that your building will transition to the new phone system. You will receive an e-mail in advance, as well.

Video and PDF guides for all versions of the new phones are available at Telephone Services.