Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to write letters of recommendation, and it is part of my work as a professor. I usually am very clear with students if I don’t feel that I can write a strong letter of recommendation. This is usually the case if I don’t know you well or haven’t had a relationship with you over your time at CSU.

I will write letters of recommendation for students who have taken courses from me and done well (B+ to A); students that I have advised and have had a long relationship with and discussed career goals in depth; students who have done research for me and have worked closely with me on projects; and students that I have advised in other contexts.

Even if I have had you in class and you did well, it still may be difficult to write a letter if we didn’t have close interactions over your work or if you did not participate actively in class.

If you feel like I’d be a good person to write you a letter, please provide me with the following, in one email, all the parts together.

  • Your resume
  • Your NetID
  • A brief statement of why you need the letter, your goals and aspirations, and why you are a good fit for the program I am writing a letter for.
  • The list of where and how I should send the letters.

Please send me the request for a recommendation at least four weeks before it is due and come to visit me in my office hours to talk about the letter and your goals.

I cannot promise that I can write a letter if I have less than four weeks.

In general, you should spend time getting to know your faculty, participating in class actively, and meeting the full time faculty who might do research or work in your area.