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GMAT Study Tips

How to be Successful on the GMAT

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to study for the GMAT! Allow several months of study time to prepare for the GMAT if at all possible, especially if you’ve been out of school for a few years or more.
  2. Pick your main method of study.
    • Are you going to sign up for a Kaplan or Princeton Review preparation course? Or are you just going to study out of prep books?
  3. If you would like to do a practice test we recommend that you visit the GMAT website for more information and a practice test. Taking the pratice test will give you a base score that you may improve upon during your course of study.
    • This will give you a base score that you may improve upon during your course of your study.
  4. Once you know your base score, you can plan your study strategy. The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 13th Edition is a book that we highly recommend as your first choice. This book features previous GMAT questions and is written by the authors of the GMAT.
    • Other great books to consider:
      • Kaplan GMAT Premier
      • Cracking the New GMAT by Princeton Review
      • Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide Set
      • Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set
    • If you need extra practice on Quantitative or Verbal (or both!)
      • The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review
      • The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review
      • Kaplan GMAT 800
      • Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook
      • Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook
    • Again, this is just a list of valuable resources for you as you prepare to study for the GMAT. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to choose the books that will help you the most, so take the free practice GMAT from!
  5. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it. Remember to register for your GMAT.

Other Tips:

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