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MBA Curriculum (Updated for Fall Semester)


All Conditionally Classified M.B.A. students must fulfill the University Writing Skills Requirement (UWSR) to achieve “Classified Graduate” status. The Writing Skills Requirement could be met as an undergraduate or graduate student at one of the CSU system campuses, with a score of 4.5 or better on the GMAT essay, by passing the Writing Skills Test (WST) or through coursework. Information about the Writing Skills Test and the courses can be found on the Testing Office website. The Website contains information on test dates, registration procedures and fees. Further information can be obtained from the Testing Office. If students have not satisfied the UWSR before they begin their graduate work, they must either take the WST or enroll in a first tier course by the end of their first semester in the program.

The program is designed to provide essential business knowledge to students without assuming prior business background. Therefore no specific prerequisite courses are required, but proficiency in math and statistics is expected.

Business Administration Degree Requirements (42 units)


The following 27 core units are required for all M.B.A. students:

  • MKTG  601- Managerial Communication Units: 1.5
  • MGMT 601- Leading People and Organizations  Units: 1.5  
  • MGMT 602 - Business Analytics for Managers Units: 3
  • MGMT 603 - Managing Complex Issues in Global Context Units: 3
  • ACCT  604 - Financial Accounting Units: 3
  • FIN      605 - Corporate Financial Management Units: 3
  • ECON 606 - Managerial Economics Units: 3
  • MKTG 607 - Marketing Management Units: 3
  • MGMT 608 - Operations and Supply Chain Management Units: 3
  • MGMT 609 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Units: 3


The following capstone is required for 3 units to complete the degree:

  • MGMT 693 - Strategic Management Capstone (Project) Units: 3


Students must select one (1) of the following 12-unit concentrations:

  • Business Administration, M.B.A.: Analytics for Managers Concentration
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.: Finance Concentration
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.: General Business Concentration
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.: Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior Concentration
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.: Marketing Management Concentration
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.: Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.: Strategy & Innovation Concentration

Student Standing and Progress Toward the Degree

There are three categories of student status which reflect student progress toward the degree: “Conditionally Classified Graduate,” “Classified Graduate,” and “Advancement to Candidacy."

  • Students achieve “Conditionally Classified Graduate” status when they have been admitted to the MBA degree program, but have not yet completed the University Writing Skills Requirement.
  • Students achieve “Classified Graduate” status when they have satisfactorily completed the University Writing Skills Requirement.
  • Students are Advanced to Candidacy when they have completed the 42 semester units meeting the following criteria:
    • All have a course grade of “C” or better.
    • Complete a minimum of 30 units in residence after admission to the program.
    • Have a combined 3.0 grade point average (minimum) in all units taken to satisfy the requirements of the student’s degree program.
    • Have no more than 12 units for extension and/or transfer credit (any extension and/or transfer credit must be approved by the Program Director) and/or coursework taken in “Unclassified Post-baccalaureate” status.
    • All units earned within the five years immediately preceding the completion of the requirements for the degree.
    • Have completed a satisfactory program of study as determined by the College of Business and Economics and the university.
  • To be eligible for the M.B.A. a student must have been Advanced to Candidacy (see Graduate Degree Information chapter of the catalog)

Note: Students who fail to maintain progress by falling below a 3.0 GPA in their graduate courses for two or more consecutive semesters will be academically disqualified from the university.

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