Because the MBA for Global Innovators program can only accommodate 35 students each year, the application process is a bit different than other programs.  Although you are still required to submit a formal application to the University at, you must FIRST complete a personal interview with the Global Innovators program director(s).  Remember: personal interview BEFORE applying.  Applications submitted by students who have not completed a personal interview will not be reviewed.

To earn a personal interview, we ask that you complete our Pre-Admission form.  Your answers to this series of questions will help us determine your eligibility for the MBA for Global Innovators program, and if you are eligible, we will work with you to book a personal interview.  Please note that pre-admission forms are not reviewed immediately.  Interviews for this program are typically conducted between December and April, and all pre-admission forms are reviewed around this time.   

In addition to the personal interview, we require you to:

  • Have over 5 years of working experience
  • Submit an online application for CSU East Bay’s MBA for Global Innovators program at Cal State Apply
  • Send all original transcripts to the MBA Special Session department office
  • TOEFL/IELTS English Proficiency test is required for some international students (please visit CSUEB’s IELTS webpage to see if you are required to take the test)

The application deadline every year is May 1st; the document deadline is May 15th.  However, because students are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis, and only 35 students are admitted to the Global Innovators program each year, the program will be full before May 1st.  It is important to follow the application steps early to ensure that seats are still available in the program.

No; GMAT is optional.  However, all students are required to have at least 5 years of professional working experience instead.

The MBA for Global Innovators program begins only once each year in August (Fall Semester). 

Tuition is $36,000 (+$1,000 for the optional international travel component).  This is not subject to change during the course of the year.  This does not include textbook costs or application fees. 

No.  The MBA for Global Innovators program is open to students with any bachelor’s degree.  We simply encourage a 3.0+ undergraduate GPA.

No.  In order to earn the MBA degree, members of the MBA for Global Innovators program are required to complete and pass all courses offered in the MBA curriculum, regardless of past coursework.

Courses are offered on Saturdays and a few Sundays.   All class-meeting dates and a detailed course calendar are distributed at the beginning of the program in order to accommodate for professionals with busy work schedules.  All courses take place at the CSU “San Ramon campus.”

Classes meet at the San Ramon Valley Conference Center, 3301 Crow Canyon Rd., in San Ramon, California.  Classes are only held at this location; there are no classes offered online or at the CSU Hayward campus.

The MBA for Global Innovators program is offered at a different campus, with a different schedule, in order to allow full-time working professionals to complete the program in 18 months.  By offering courses on the weekends (Saturdays and some Sundays), students are able to satisfy the requirements necessary to earn an MBA degree from California State University, East Bay in the set 18 month time frame, while working a full-time job.

The program is 4.5 semesters, 18 months, and runs from Fall through mid-March the following year.  You will “officially” graduate at the end of Spring semester.

Students who complete all components of the MBA for Global Innovators program while maintaining an average GPA of 3.0+ will earn a Master’s degree in Business from California State University, East Bay’s AACSB accredited College of Business and Economics.  This is the same degree earned by students in the MBA with Options program at the Hayward campus, but with an option in “MBA for Global Innovators”.

Domestic students may be eligible for financial aid.  To determine your eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid office at

Information Sessions are held in the November through April months and are open to the public.  Topics of discussion include admissions requirements and processes, course schedule and curriculum, and also provide a chance to meet the program directors.  To find out about future Information Sessions, or to ask us any additional questions, please email us at