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Computer Music Studios

General Information

Our electronic music studios provide extensive state-of-the-art facilities for music synthesis, electronic composition, film/video scoring, digital recording/ editing/ processing/ mixing, work with multimedia and telecommunications, and development of custom software and hardware.

Computer Music Studio & Tech Lounge (MB 2525)

The Computer Music Studio (CMS) has audio equipment for computer-based composition, basic sound synthesis and sound design. The CMS is the primary studio for music students who work primarily with processed and sample-based sound. It serves as a classroom for various introductory music technology courses.

MB 2525 is equipped with 20 DAWs, a teacher station, and a printing station. The room also serves as the main lounge for students in the music department.

Synthesis Lab (MB 2508)

The Synthesis Lab has audio equipment for computer-based composition, audio recording, sound synthesis, sound design, and film scoring. The Lab is the primary studio for music composition majors. It serves as a classroom for various composition, sound-synthesis, and film scoring classes.

MB 2508 is equipped with 5 DAWs, a modular synth station (which connects to our very own Buchla!), and an audio recording station with a recording booth for sampling projects.

Studio Director: Inés Thiebaut

Access Information

The Computer Music Studio MB 2525 is open to all current students taking music courses in the department. Anytime the studio is open, students can work at a workstation, or in designated Tech Lounge area on the left-side of the room.

Open Hours vary by semester, and will posted within the first week of classes. There will always be a Studio Assistant present.

All students currently enrolled in courses being taught in MB 2508 will be granted 24-hour access to the room, prior signup and reporting to the Studio Director.

1) Do not under any circumstances remove any equipment from the studios without permission from the Studio Director. This includes microphones, cables, keyboards, etc. Do not move gear from one studio to another.

2) Do not unplug any of the studio connections under any circumstances.

3) Do not store your own gear or project materials in any of the studios. Any extraneous gear including amps, instruments, electronics, etc will be placed in the hallway.

4) If something breaks, please tell the Studio Director or a Studio Assistant immediately. We would much rather hear it from you than find out on our own.

5) Please make sure the studio is secure when you leave. Do not leave unauthorized people in the studios under any circumstances. You are responsible for any actions that might go down during and sometimes even after your studio time.


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