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Jazz Festival Details

Details for Jazz Festival Participants and Directors

For any questions please contact or call 510-885-3167.

Each participating band has a 1/2 hour warmup time followed by a 45-minute time slot at their performance site. That 45 minutes can be used any way the director wants, and is most helpfully worked out where your band plays for 20-25 minutes their planned set (usually 3 tunes). During that time, the adjudicators will be sitting in the audience area speaking their comments into a recorder. When the band's set is done, the remaining time is used for the interactive clinic with the adjudicators who will be demonstrating "playing with the band" the concepts they wish to convey.


Provided Instruments at the Performance Venues

Please help us keep track of the equipment. Below is a list of equipment that will be provided at each performance site.

  • One piano
  • Vibraphone
  • One bass amplifier
  • One guitar amplifier
  • Two solo microphones
  • One drumset consisting of:
    • Bass drum
    • Toms
    • Snare stand (stand only)
    • Two cymbal stands (stands only)
    • One hi-hat stand with clutch provided (stand only; please use the clutch provided)
    • One throne

Drummers are responsible for bringing their own bass drum pedal, cymbals, additional cymbal stands, snare drum, hi-hat cymbals (please use the hi hat clutch provided), sticks, mallets and brushes, etc.

Warm-up Rooms

There will be no drums or amplifiers in the warm-up rooms.


  • Parking is free at CSU East Bay after 5pm on Friday and all day Saturday. Park in Lot L or K for nearest access to the University Theatre and Music Building.
  • Bus parking is in Lot H or along East Loop Road. Drop off in Lot K near the Theatre, then park in the rear of Lot H or along East Loop Road. No permit is required for bus parking.
  • See the CSUEB Hayward Hills Campus Map for directions and permit dispensers locations.
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