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Certificate in Music Education

The 31-unit Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Music is a sequence of courses designed to prepare music students to become successful music teachers in K-12 school settings. Students receive education in a variety of musical disciplines and pedagogical approaches, including choral, instrumental, general, and world music. The program is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. All music students may take the Subject Matter Preparation Program courses although, in order for students to obtain documentation of completing the program, they must take every course within the program.

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Do you have questions about the music education curriculum? Contact Dr. John Eros, advisor for Music Education.

Secondary Techniques

Six (6) units in performance and pedagogy of standard orchestral instruments, voice, and guitar are required:

  • Teaching String Instruments [1 Unit]
  • Teaching Woodwind Instruments [1 Unit]
  • Teaching Brass Instruments [1 Unit]
  • Teaching Percussion [1 Unit]
  • Basic Guitar Techniques [1 Unit]
  • Basic Vocal Techniques [1 Unit]


Six (6) units of developmental basic skills in conducting, as well as more specific skills for choral and instrumental settings are required:

  • Basic Conducting [3 Units]
  • Intermediate Conducting [3 Units]

Music Education Core Courses

The following ten (10) units are required of all music education students:

  • Technology for Music Educators [3 Units]
  • Introduction to World Music & Culture [3 Units]
  • Foundations of Music Education [3 Units]
  • Music Education Practicum [1 Unit]

Music Teaching and Learning

These required nine (9) units focus on specific disciplines within music teaching and learning. They are designed to prepare future music educators to teach in a variety of K-12 areas, including instrumental, choral, and elementary music teaching settings.

  • Elementary Music Teaching Methods [3 Units]
  • Instrumental Music Teaching Methods [3 Units]
  • Choral Music Teaching Methods [3 Units]

For course descriptions and more detailed information please visit the Education Certificate University Catalog page.


The Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Music can be obtained in two ways:

  1. While you are pursuing your Bachelor's of Art at CSUEB. You will have to be admitted into the B.A. in Music degree in order to start this certificate.
  2. As a post-baccalaureate applicant, if you already have a Bachelor's degree and would like to complete the Music Education Certificate. Post-baccalaureate applicants apply to CSUEB as graduate students. You can find more information on graduate requirements on the Graduate Admissions page.

For more information, please contact Dr. John Eros, advisor for Music Education.

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