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NetID Password Policy

NetIDs are subject to password policy rules that help protect the account from inadvertent or malicious access. Users are strongly advised to implement a robust, hard-to-guess password to further enhance the account's security. Passwords currently adhere to the following:

  • Password Length
    • Is eight (8) characters minimum for Student NetIDs
    • Is ten (10) characters minimum for Faculty & Staff NetIDs
  • Passwords must contain characters from four categories: English upper case characters (A through Z), English lower case characters (A through Z), base 10 numerical characters (0 through 9), non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %);
  • Passwords may not contain first or last name, or NetID, or any facsimile thereof (eg. Gene wirtten as G3n3)
  • Passwords are locked out for a certain duration after 10 invalid login attempts;
  • Passwords have a history of 3 passwords remembered (that is, you may not re-use your past 3 passwords when changing it);
  • While student passwords currently do not expire, faculty and staff passwords do expire after 180 days.

For further details on these policies please contact the Service Desk at

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