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NetID Self-Service Password Change/Reset

NetID password changes are required every 180 days for all Employees of California State University, East Bay. The following are instructions for changing or resetting your password. 

  1. Go to the NetID Self-Service Website.
  2. Click on the “Reset Password” option.

    Reset Password selection

  3. Click on “I Agree and Understand” if you accept the “policy reminder”.

    I agree and understand button

  4. Enter your NetID and select “Next”.

    Enter NetID field

  5. “Verify your identity” by answering two of your security questions that were setup during NetID activation and select “Next”.

    Answer questions fields

  6. Enter your new password and select “Next”.
    Note: Please see password policy.

    new password field

  7. Employees have completed the password change process at this point. The option to “Continue” can be safely disregarded as it is only used for the Student portion of password change and reset.

    completion screen
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