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Leadership Communication Workshops

Professional communication skills are in high demand in today's economy. To address the need for improved communication skills, the College of Business and Economics hosts a 2-day intensive workshop twice a year in professional leadership communications.

Student participants spend a total of 16 hours in a combination of large group exercises and small group coaching by professional facilitators overseen by one or more UC Berkeley certified Executive Coaches. Students who attend the entirety of the workshop receive certificates of their participation signed by the Lead Facilitator of the workshop, as well as the Dean of the College of Business and Economics.

The student learning outcomes include:

  • Increased self-confidence in speaking
  • The knowledge to break down barriers and overcome fears
  • The ability to think fast and clear under pressure
  • The ability to use voice and body language effectively
  • The development of good listening tools to focus on what is really important
  • The ability to be "deep and brief" in using concise language that focuses on the issue at hand
  • The skill to bring power, authenticity, and passion into the workplace through communication

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