IRB Membership

IRB Membership (2020-2021)


1. John Eros, Music, - IRB Chair      
2. Toni Naccarato, Social Work                                     
3. Kevin Brown, Computer Science
4. Surendra Sarnikar, Management      
5. Meaghan McCollow, Educational Psychology                                      
6. Kimberly Kim, Nursing and Health Sciences
7. Elena Dukhovny, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences           
8. Richard Sprott, Human Development                                           
9. Jessica Weiss, History     
10. Abayomi Jones, Director, Student Health Service
11. Anna Randall, Unaffiliated Community Representative (pending)
12. Benjamin Smith, Ex Officio, Committee on Research Chair
13. Anne Wing, IRB Coordinator, ORSP                   


1. Rajan Selvarajan, Business (pending)
2. David Fencsik, Psychology
3. Silvina Ituarte, Criminal Justice Administration                                                        
4.. Kristen Gustavson, Social Work                                                            
5. Maria Cho, Nursing and Health Sciences                                     
6. Mari Gray, Educational Leadership                                               
7. Vanessa Yingling, Kinesiology
8. Terry Soo-Hoo, Educational Psychology                                     
9. Elizabeth Wilson, Unaffiliated Community Representative                           
10. Pradeep Ramanathan, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences
11. TBD, Faculty