Carpool Reserved Parking Spaces

Did you know you can park in a reserved carpool space? Create a carpool and get preferred parking in Student Lots A, G, and H. If you already have a carpool, stop by our office in SF-140, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday to get more information!


Preferred Carpool Parking Spaces

❖ Preferred spaces can be found in the following lots:
    ➢ Lot A (5 spaces)
    ➢ Lot G (10 spaces)
    ➢ Lot H (10 spaces)
Note that spaces may not always be available depending on demand. Locations may be viewed on our campus map.

❖ The carpool spaces are available 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM every Monday through Thursday. After 3:00 PM, all carpool spaces will be open to the campus community.

❖ NEW! Carpoolers must display the special Carpool Permit when parking in the carpool spaces.

❖ Any illegally parked vehicle in the carpool spots will incur a minimum fine of $100.00 or may be towed.


Carpool Policies

 ❖ You will also be required to have the following when you apply: Parking permit (no temporary permits), completed application, and your carpool group.

❖ Carpoolers must be currently enrolled or employed at California State University East Bay.
Carpoolers who have graduated and are no longer enrolled or not employed at CSUEB will not be

❖ A valid University Parking Permit is required for the carpool group and must belong to one of the registered carpoolers. Only one University Parking Permit will be exchanged for a special Semester Carpool Permit when approved. This special Carpool Permit must be displayed anytime a vehicle belonging to the carpool group parks in the carpool spaces. The special Carpool Permit will replace your University Parking Permit for the current semester - it will be allowed in general lots and staff/faculty lots (after 5pm). If you are staff/faculty you will be allowed to use it in staff/faculty lots. The permit will be checked to make sure it corresponds to a staff/faculty carpool group.

❖ Carpool forms & Carpool Permits are valid only for the current Semester in which they registered under. Carpoolers must re-apply every Semester to participate in the program.

 ❖ Any illegally parked vehicle or vehicle with a single occupant will be cited with a minimum fine of


Registration Process

❖ Carpools require a minimum of 2 or more participants at all times to be considered.

❖ Pick up the registration form at the Parking office or print out the registration form here (please print back to back.)

❖ Review the requirements, fill out the form completely and make sure all participants sign and date on the 2nd page/back page.

❖ Carpoolers must provide details of all vehicles which will be used in the carpool. Each driver must also submit vehicle information and permit number.

❖ Once approved, you need to exchange a Semester or Annual University Parking Permit (no temporary permits) for one Carpool Permit.