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Once you start coming back to campus, it will probably feel a little weird after all this time but how you get to campus shouldn't be one more thing to worry about.

As restrictions are lifted, we’re continuing our partnership with Waze Carpool to help on your daily commute.

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What is Waze Carpool?

Start saving time and money with friends, neighbors and coworkers everyday on your commute. Waze Carpool is an app-based dynamic ride-sharing platform designed to match drivers with people looking for rides along their existing route. Using Waze Carpool will help you save time and money, fight traffic, help the environment and make new friends!


Why Try to Waze Carpool?

Flexible scheduling: Use Waze Carpool everyday or once a week - it's up to you and what works for your schedule. Match anytime and anywhere throughout the country.

Safe matching: Waze Carpool was designed with your safety in mind. Instead of blind matching, we provide tools that allow you to vet your carpool matches and determine if they're a good fit before sharing a ride. YOU CHOOSE your carpoolers based on detailed profiles, star ratings and filters like same-gender & coworkers/classmates only.

Driver or ride: Drivers (using Waze) earn cash to cover gas, car maintenance, tolls and more. Riders (using Waze Carpool) save money on convenient rides to/from work. All carpoolers enjoy benefits like time savings, traffic reductions and new friends! The environment will thank you too!


Here’s how to sign up if you haven’t already:

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Download Waze or Waze Carpool if prompted
  • Step 3: Join the CSUEB group
  • Step 4: Finish signing up
  • Step 5: Request your first carpool


Pro Tip 1: Send at least 5-10 requests while you're trying to establish your regular carpoolers. 


Pro Tip 2: Plan ahead! It's best to schedule rides 1-2 days in advance to ensure that you have the highest likelihood of confirming a carpool.


Join the community of carpoolers who’ve resolved to take back their time and end traffic once and for all, happy carpooling!

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Carpool-to-School program

Share your ride to Cal State East Bay! A staff/faculty database, and a student database are available for those interested in carpooling one to five days a week. Carpool matching is available for both Hayward and Contra Costa Campuses through the 511 RideMatch Service. Please go to Bay Area Ridematching Service to register. Home addresses are confidential. Other information will be used for carpool purposes only.

Staff/faculty will then receive a free match list of those who share a similar commute route and work schedule; students receive a free match list of other students sharing a similar commute route and class schedule.