Carpool - With Pioneer Commute



Pioneer Commute is our new commute tracking program which also offers a great benefit, carpool matching services for our campus community!


In contemplating a carpool, keep in mind that respondents to carpool questionnaires overwhelmingly cited the positive social aspects of their carpool for explaining why they continue to commute by carpool. Yes, carpooling will save you money, but it also builds strong social bonds, which is a benefit you may not have considered.


Why Try Pioneer Commute Carpool?

Flexible scheduling: Use everyday, a few days a week or even just one day a week - it's up to you and what works for your schedule.

Closed or Open matching: You can start a closed carpool and invite someone you already know or an open one and choose which gender you prefer to ride with. 

How do I protect my privacy?: Users can choose the level of information (email, phone & address) they would like to post to find and communicate with potential carpools once a user sends a contact email. If you do not want to share your street name, you are able to set your origin or destination at the nearest intersection or point of interest by dragging and dropping the pin on the map and the trip will be recalculated.

Driver or ride: Choose to be a driver and set up your own carpool or choose to ride. Split gas costs or driving/riding time, it's up to you! All carpoolers enjoy benefits like time savings, traffic reductions and new friends! The environment will thank you too!


Pioneer Commute log in here:   login-button.jpg 



Here’s how to sign up if you haven’t already:

  • Step 1: On a computer, visit
  • Step 2: Sign in with SSO (Net ID and password)
  • Step 3: Choose a network either CSUEB Students or CSUEB Faculty and Staff (1st sign in only)
  • Step 4: Set up your commute and save it  (Dashboard section)
  • Step 5:  Download the App "Commute Tracker by RideAmigos" from Google Play or Apple App Stores
  • Step 6: Get your Connect PIN code (from open web browser window - dashboard, top right, see image below) and enter it in the app after signing in. Now the web browser version and the app are synched and you can use either one!



How do I start an Open Carpool?

Use Pioneer Commute to help find a match. If at first you don’t find a match, save, save, save. Be sure to save your commute information so other people can find you,  click on the star next to your commute description to save the information. Click on Carpool in "Commute Interest" section. Make sure you select "Everyone" from the dropdown box asking who you want to share the trip with. If you put in a specific address, the details will be hidden (so no one can see your home address!). If you want, you can also drag and drop the A or B points to an intersection near you.

Once you have found a match, reach out! When you message a carpooler, they'll be able to email you back directly (using the email associated with your Pioneer Commute account). And once you have made contact, we recommend setting a preliminary meeting. Go for coffee or meet up on campus to make sure it’s a good fit. If it feels like it might work, give it a try. Test your ride a few times to see how it will work out; once you and your carpool partners are certain that it will work out, make a schedule.

Schedule driver days/weeks/months and stick to it. And then make a back-up plan. Life is hectic, so be sure to have a back-up plan in place in case of emergencies, vacations, illness, etc. Next, but not least, determine the costs. If driving time isn’t split, figure out the costs and set up a payment schedule. Finally, set the ground rules. Deciding things like what radio station to listen to, whether food and drinks are okay and if smoking is allowed, for example, will save possible tension later and make the commute all the more enjoyable. ;)




How do I start a Closed Carpool?

When saving your commute, make sure you select "No One" from the dropdown box asking who you want to share the trip with, this way you can invite only those you want to. 

To invite someone you know to officially join your personal carpool, use the Invite Others section on the Carpool Management screen. From the My Commutes section on your dashboard, click the Manage My Pools button. Enter the invitee’s name and email address in the invitation form. You can also customize the invite message. After you click Invite, the other user will receive an email message with a link to join the carpool.




Join the community of carpoolers who’ve resolved to take back their time and end traffic once and for all, happy carpooling!


Pioneer Commute is partially funded by MTC, Metropolitan Transportation Commission  



Carpool-to-School program

Share your ride to Cal State East Bay! A Faculty/Staff database, and a Student database are available for those interested in carpooling one to five days a week. Carpool matching is available for both Hayward and Contra Costa Campuses through the 511 RideMatch Service. Please go to Bay Area Ridematching Service to register. Home addresses are confidential. Other information will be used for carpool purposes only.

Faculty/Staff will then receive a free match list of those who share a similar commute route and work schedule; students receive a free match list of other students sharing a similar commute route and class schedule.