Protection Connection

Event Details: Protection Connection is a tabling event held every other Thursday and Wednesday where students can stock up on safer sex supplies such as condoms, dental dams, and water based lubricant for free. The table also offers candy, chapsticks, and information on campus resources such as FamilyPACT. Each student can get up to 4 condoms, 2 dental dams, and 2 lubes. For more information on FamilyPACT, visit the Student Health and Counseling Services website here.

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Additional Information

You can go to the Wellness Center located inside the Recreation and Wellness Center on the first floor and ask a PAW member to assist you during operating hours. Be sure to bring your baycard with you. You can receive a maximum of 3 condoms a day at the Wellness Center.

You can also go to the Student Health and Counseling Services and they can assist you with any other questions regarding safer sex supplies.

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