SMART Goals for Success

We will not currently be offering any sessions until Fall 2022, so stay tuned for more information!

Below is what we were offering this past semester. 

Join RAW Personal Trainer Erick Nicoletti and Certified Health Coach Linda Clauss at one of the following workshops and learn how to write SMART goals for success in just 30 minutes.

This brief interactive event will review the purpose of goals, how to use your motivation and vision for the future as an anchor to achieve your goals, and how to create well written SMART Goals. 

Session attendees will also have the opportunity to schedule a 15 minute private follow up consultation with Erick if their goals are related to physical activity. All session attendees will have access to additional resources to use beyond the workshop to help them meet the goals they create during the session.


Questions please contact Linda Clauss, 

Want a sneak peak? RAW Personal Trainer Jen provides a quick overview of SMART Goals and how to write them in this 3 minute video.