Make Meaningful Connections

What is Make Meaningful Connections?

Make Meaningful Connections is about encouraging students to engage with their peers within the campus community, whether it be online or in person. This key message aims to promote development of a sense of community and focuses on:

  • increasing knowledge of social wellness opportunities
  • increasing confidence to advocate for campus resource utilization
  • increasing intent to take an active role to guide peers towards campus connection

More Information

RAW Game Nights

RAW Game Nights are occasionally held on Discord where any East Bay student is welcome to join. Dates are usually announced via Announcements channel on Discord. A RAW admin of the server will host and will be open to different game suggestions. To join the RAW Discord server, click here. Dates and times TBA. 


RAW's Social Media


Stay connected with your peers and join the RAW Discord server, which holds a variety of channels ranging from study hangouts, game nights, questions of the day, chat rooms, and reminders for upcoming events.  

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Study Groups Within Classes

One way to stay connected and make meaningful connections with your peers is to form study groups within classes. They offer great support as well as opportunities to meet new people. Many students use Discord or Slack to connect with their classmates and stay up to date on assignments.

Participate in School Events 

Another great way to stay connected and make meaningful connections with your peers is to participate in school events on and off campus. Here at Cal State East Bay, we have many events that allow students to get more connected with campus. We have events such as career fairs, movie nights, and many different online programs that the RAW/PAW offers. Keep a look out for the many different events we have, bring a friend, and stay open to meeting new people. 

Explore your Surroundings 

Exploring your surroundings can be a great way to make more meaningful connections. Students can gather with friends, roomates, classmates, and more people that would enjoy discovering a new place. These places can be as simple as a place on campus, going to a nearby park, going to watch a movie in downtown Hayward, or visiting San Francisco for the day. Visiting new places is not only a great way to connect with more people, but also allows students to get more familiar with new areas. 



HalloweenFest is an evening hosted by the RAW that features tabling activities, games, fashion shows, and is an overall spooky and fun event. Check back in the fall for more information!

RAW After Dark

RAW After Dark is an event hosted by the RAW in collaboration with ASI that showcases different activities in the RAW. We feature games, activities in the wellness lounge, free food, and promotes overall student well-being. Check back in the fall for more information!