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Personal Training

Client / Trainer Agreement 

The following guidelines are outlined below to ensure that the responsibilities of the Fitness Program, Personal Trainer, and the Client are clearly communicated and understood:

  • Recreation and Wellness Services only provides pre-paid services to its Personal Training and Fitness Assessment Clients. All sessions are to be paid in full before services begin.
  • All Personal Training Clients are required to purchase and complete a fitness consultation and assessment, before starting to use their first individual sessions. Assessments are valid for one (1) year and a Client may be required to complete a new Health History Questionnaire and Par-Q before continuing past one year.
  • Purchased training sessions are non-refundable. If a documented medical condition deems it impossible for an exercise program to continue, only then will a refund be granted.
  • Purchased sessions must be used prior to graduation for student clients. If a Client’s membership expires or if the Client cancels membership, all unused sessions will be lost and are non-refundable.
  • All trainers work by appointment only. In order to provide quality service it is expected that both Trainer and Client work to keep appointments. Whenever possible, a Client should provide the Trainer a 24 hour notice when canceling an appointment. Personal Training/Fitness Assessment appointments canceled with less than 24 hour notice will be charged at the normal rate of a single session and the session will be lost.
  • Clients will have the ability to select a primary Trainer, but the schedule and availability of that Trainer may not always be guaranteed. If a Client’s primary Trainer must cancel or reschedule, the Client will be notified with at least a 4 hour notice and given the option to reschedule for a new day/time or complete scheduled session with a different Trainer.
  • Trainers are employees of Recreation and Wellness Services and they are required to work with Clients inside (or near) the Recreation and Wellness Center.  Trainers are not allowed to receive direct payment, additional payment, gratuities, or gifts for services rendered on behalf of Recreation and Wellness Services.
  • All sessions are 60 min in length. Clients are expected to arrive before the session is scheduled to begin.  If the Client is late to a session, that time will not be made up and the Client will only receive a partial session.  If the Trainer is late, that time is owed to the Client.
  • Clients should eat a light meal or a snack approximately one to two hours prior to session to avoid fatigue. The trainer retains the right to refuse to exercise with a Client who has not eaten or properly hydrated.
  • Personal Trainers are NOT medical personnel, physicians, or dieticians. They will not act outside of their scope of practice and Clients need to seek the opinion of medical professionals to diagnose injuries or to acquire a personalized meal plan.
  • All information regarding the Client’s exercise program, health history, or medical status will be kept confidential and will remain on file with Recreation and Wellness Services.
  • Clients are required to communicate any discomfort, pain, or concerns immediately during a session. Trainers reserve the right to discontinue a session if it appears that a Client is experiencing pain or discomfort during a session.
  • Clients and Trainers will conduct sessions free from any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances. Doing so will result in immediate termination of the session and referral to the Office of Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities and/or the University Police Department.
  • Trainers and Clients must follow all Recreation and Wellness Center policies during training sessions.
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