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Bookstore Programs/Device Vouchers

Pioneer Bookstore Account

Registered students can now charge books, computer devices (only computers and tablets) and qualifying supplies purchased at the Pioneer Bookstore to their student account up to $500 per semester. Students will be required to sign the Pioneer Bookstore Account release indicating their consent to post the charges to their student account each time they make a purchase. Students who have more financial aid than their cost of tuition and fees may have this charge covered by financial aid once it disburses. Students without financial aid or who have other 3rd party funding for books (employer, workforce agency, etc.) may also use this program.

The Pioneer Bookstore Account is optional and is available each semester.

Important Dates

  • Charges can be made to your Pioneer Bookstore account between December 16, 2019 and Feb. 17, 2020 (ONLINE) or Feb. 24, 2020 (IN-STORE)
  • Due date to repay charges is: Feb. 24, 2020
  • A $20 late fee will be assessed if charges are not paid by: Feb. 25, 2020

Bookstore Account Eligibility

  • Students are eligible for the Pioneer Bookstore Account if they are enrolled in courses, have authorized the university to place a bookstore account to their student account, and do not have any active past due holds on their student account.
  • Open University students, Transitory students, American Language Program (ALP) students, Early Start Summer program students, and some special program students are not eligible.
  • Registered students taking more than zero units and are degree seeking are eligible to participate for up to $500 per semester.
  • Specific programs may be eligible for more than $500. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

 Obtaining the Bookstore Account

  1. After selecting the books and supplies at the Pioneer Bookstore or online, students will be asked to present their student identification card to the bookstore cashier and inform the cashier that they have a Pioneer Bookstore Account.
  2. The disbursement of financial aid will pay for tuition, fees, and bookstore charges, in that order.
  3. If you are a student whose charges are paid by a 3rd party, please work with your 3rd party provider to make payments to the university.
  4. You can authorize your Pioneer Bookstore charges be deducted from your Spring 2020 financial aid disbursement.
  5. Any remaining balance owed after financial aid and/or 3rd party funds are received must be paid by the student to the university in accordance with the due dates. A late fee of $20 will be assessed if not paid by the established due date.


Eligible Purchases

Students may purchase textbooks, computer devices (computers and tablets) and necessary supplies ONLY. "Supplies" include, but are not limited to, study guides, supplemental texts, workbooks, notebooks, notepaper or pads, pens, pencils, backpacks, art/drawing supplies and calculators. Items that CANNOT be purchased with the Bookstore Account include clothing, mugs, food, mass market books (unless designated as a course text) and other items not necessary for course work.

Please note:

  • The university reserves the right to change this policy or remove this program at any time.
  • The university reserves the right to audit applicable Pioneer Bookstore Account purchases. Items not eligible through the Pioneer Bookstore Account program and not collected from the student may revert back to Follett for repayment to the university.

By using the Bookstore Account Program, you agree to use your Financial Aid to pay for the bookstore account charge if you are a Financial Aid student. Any outstanding balance must be paid back to the University by the established due date.

If you have any questions regarding the Book Voucher, please email

Device Voucher Program

If you enrolled in at least 12 units of coursework at the time of the voucher claim, and want to buy a computer or tablet, you might be eligible to receive $250 (which you do not have to pay back) towards a new computer or tablet. The Device Voucher can only be redeemed in person at the Pioneer Bookstore. The Device Voucher Program was created to fulfill a promise made to students to use a portion of A2E2 revenue to help fund a learning device.  The criteria and details of the program are as followed:

Eligibility criteria (students must satisfy all criteria):

  1. Student is matriculated in a state-side degree program
    • This excludes Open University students, continuing education students, and students enrolled in degree or certificate programs offered through University Extenstion.
  2. Students enrollment at the timer of voucher redemption satisfies the following unit thresholds:
    • Undergraduate: 12 Units minimum
    • Graduate: 8 units minimum
  3. Student has not redeemed a device voucher in the current, or prior term.
    • This excludes any or all students who have redemmed a voucher since the inception of the device voucher program
    • The provision is in effect regardless of the students prior major, academic level, or other matriculation status.

Eligible Items:

  • Computer and tablets; excluded items include, but are not limited to computer peripherals such as headsets, keyboards, mice, styli, power adapters, printers, external storage (such as USB memory sticks or hard drives).

How to Check Elgibility:

  • Visit the Pioneer Bookstore

Voucher Amount:

  • $250 maximumper eligible student to be used towards the purchase of eligible item. This voucher may not be redeemable for cash value.

Voucher Issued:

  • 01/21/20

Voucher Expire:

  • 02/10/20

If you have any questions regarding the Device Voucher, please email


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