Our Institutional Learning Outcomes

The Cal State East Bay Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) express a shared, campus-wide articulation of expectations for all degree recipients. Through development of the higher order capacities represented by the Cal State East Bay ILOs, students acquire the habits of lifelong learning and community engagement that prepare them to effectively apply their skills personally and professionally.



  • Thinking and Reasoning - Think critically and creatively and apply analytical and quantitative reasoning to address complex challenges and everyday problems.
  • Communication - Communicate ideas, perspectives, and values clearly and persuasively while listening openly to others.
  • Diversity - Apply knowledge of diversity and multicultural competencies to promote equity and social justice in our communities.
  • Collaboration - Work collaboratively and respectfully as members and leaders of diverse teams and communities.
  • Sustainability - Act responsibly and sustainably at local, national, and global levels.
  • Specialized Education - Demonstrate expertise and integration of ideas, methods, theory and practice in a specialized discipline of study.
  • Sustainability in the ILOs

So how does sustainability fit into these ILOs? Sustainability can be broadly defined as efforts to enhance human and environmental health, social justice, and economic security – to ultimately maintain the needs of current and future generations. Using this broad definition, it is easy to see how the concept of sustainability is an underlying tone throughout the ILOs.

  • Thinking and Reasoning - Understanding the concept of sustainability is a core value that will assist our graduates when addressing complex problems as they relate to our planet.
  • Communication - Listening openly to others and communicating while valuing all perspectives and ideas takes people into consideration; a focus on the social side of sustainability.
  • Diversity - Social equity is one of the three pillars of sustainability, which includes celebrating diversity.
  • Collaboration - Sustainability is a naturally inclusive construct. The idea that factors of equity, a viable economy, and healthy environment must all occur in order for a just society to be attainable.
  • Sustainability - Creating Goals within the Office of Sustainability that are manageable, attainable, scalable and rewarding.
  • Specialized Education - Integrating sustainability and the components within will further Cal State East Bay's efforts when fusing ideas, methods, theory and practice in all specialized disciplines of study.