What is Sustainability?



Sustainability can be broadly defined as efforts to enhance human and environmental health, social justice, and economic security – to ultimately maintain the needs of current and future generations. Through projects and programs focused on enhancing sustainability, Cal State East Bay will not only secure a better future for our students, faculty, staff and community, but also provide valuable learning opportunities in the process.

pres. morishita at ev charge station

A Statement from President Morishita

“Sustainability is a core value at California State University, East Bay. As an institution of higher education we are in a unique position to educate the future leaders of the world, while also serving as a model to our surrounding community. It is our responsibility to integrate the concepts of sustainability into all aspects of our campus – from academics to engagement, throughout the curriculum, operations and campus plans, and within administrative policies. By doing this we will create real-world learning opportunities for our students and foster a culture of sustainability that will guide and influence them throughout their lives and strengthen our connection to the East Bay.”      
~ Leroy M. Morishita, Cal State East Bay President