Current Interns

What makes the Office of Sustainability great? Interns! Hear what students have to say about their experience in the Sustainability Ambassador internship program at Cal State East Bay. To learn more about earning a paid, year-long internship with the Office of Sustainability, visit our “Paid Internships” page.

Current Interns



Assessments Analytics

Ankur Bhagwat, Rahul Garg [Left to Right]

"It is a great opportunity to work together with others on the complementary skills each person brings to the table to create a positive change on campus." - Ankur

"I was working with an excellent team on assessing data in regards to sustainable practices on campus. It was amazing to give back to the community while doing what I love the most." - Rahul



Marketing, Events, and Communication

Luis Ledesma, Alexa Armamento, Ben Hawklyn [Left to Right]

"I am grateful for the opportunity to plan events and develop projects with faculty, students, organizations and government agencies to promote sustainability and environmental justice." - Luis

"I got an opportunity to work with an open-minded group who pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and I am very grateful to have worked in the Office of Sustainability" - Alexa



Sustainable Office Assessment Program [SOAP]

Karan Monga, Julie Shahan [Left to Right]

"It's been a wonderful experience working as a sustainability ambassador and seeing students from various majors come together to make a change" - Karan

"I enjoy working in the Office of Sustainability because I can help to make a direct and measurable impact on sustainability in our campus community." - Julie



Sustain EastBay

Elijah Cohen, T. Brooke Schuyler, Adrien Van Dyke, Sandra Torres, Patrick Murphy [Left to Right]

"The SA program has given me an opportunity to work professionally with other ambassadors, stakeholders, and Sustain East Bay club members towards becoming a leader in my field of Environmental Studies. This invaluable experience has shown me that my ability to make a positive change in this world is much greater than what I previously imagined." - Elijah

"I enjoy working in the Office of Sustainability because I am provided with the resources and advice needed to put action to my ideas. I also get to connect with all types of different people across campus including students and faculty." - Brooke

"The Sustainability Ambassador program has provided me with the opportunity to expand my professional skills and grow as an individual. I got to work with really remarkable people that share a similar passion for sustainability and social outreach. Working for the Office of Sustainability is one of my favorite things about attending Cal State East Bay." - Adrien

"During my time under the Office of Sustainability, I was able to apply my creativity and public speaking to CSUEB students about small changes they can do in their everyday lives that resolves economical, social, and environmental issues. Along with my Sustainability Ambassador peers, I had the opportunity to watch these changes come to fruition in helping the Hayward campus achieve a sustainable and welcoming place." - Sandra

"Working for the Office of Sustainability has allowed me to 'step behind the curtain' and learn so much about environmental issues affecting large institutions like CSU East Bay. The opportunities I've had to try and improve the lives of my fellow students, as well as faculty and staff are priceless, and I've learned so much in my time here." - Patrick