Paid Internships

Sustainability Ambassadors Application Information

California State University, East Bay

DEPARTMENT: Academic Affairs/Sustainability

JOB TITLE: Student Assistant II or III [D.O.E.]



CONTACT PERSON: Carol Trost, Administrative Support Coordinator


PHONE: 510.885.3671

Hiring for Academic Year positions takes place the previous Spring.

Position Descriptions

Are you looking for an on-campus job where you’ll grow professionally, connect with like-minded students, make a difference, and have fun?! The Cal State East Bay Office of Sustainability is hiring student assistants for academic year 2021/2022 for the following positions:

Data Analysts

  • Conduct research and work with campus stakeholders to collect data for the annual Cal State East Bay greenhouse gas inventory and annual Transportation Survey
  • Support the directives of the Cal State East Bay Climate Action Plan
  • Passion for data and a desire to tell stories through numbers
  • Proficiency in programs like R, Python, and data visualization tools like Tableau and PowerBI
  • Comfortable with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Sheets
  • Ability to collect, analyze, create presentations, and publicly present data
  • Create, analyze & present environment friendly solutions using given data while maintaining the industry-based sustainability standards.
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Compost Researchers

  • Passionate about seeing Cal State East Bay Hayward Campus compost all of its food waste on-site.
  • Strong research and data analytics skills
  • Knowledge of, or desire to, learn about carbon farming and carbon offsets
  • Not afraid to get dirty and conduct waste audits of food and yard waste
  • Ability to create engaging visual presentations and present to campus stakeholders
  • Ability to secure stakeholder buy-in
  • Interest in grant writing and researching innovative options to fund program
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Event Planning

  • Passion for connecting with campus organizations to spread awareness of social justice and environmental issues
  • Ability to raise awareness to the campus community through passive programming and events
  • Coordinate all Office of Sustainability events, including Earth Week
  • Excited to table to promote Office of Sustainability efforts to the campus community
  • Strengthen public awareness through public relations communication
  • Willingness to learn and step outside of your comfort zone
  • Working within and outside your team to collaborate on events
  • Proficient in email communication and etiquette
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Graphic Design

  • Passionate about art and creating
  • Enjoy creating fun and engaging educational messaging
  • Ability to strengthen public awareness through graphic design
  • Experience with [Adobe Suite, Canva, and others as needed]
  • Ability to quickly and accurately design promotional materials for campus events, such as posters and flyers
  • Open to work with others and receive feedback from peers to improve work
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Public Relations/Social Media

  • Knowledge of, and interest in researching, latest social media trends
  • Ability to attend various Office of Sustainability events and meetings and promote on social media
  • Maintain Office of Sustainability social media platforms (eg. website, BaySync, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and TikTok)
  • Maintain social media analytics 
  • Be adaptable and attentive when planning and posting various campaigns
  • Partner with other Student Assistants on event promotion
  • Ability to help create digital content for social media ( graphics, videos, and challenges)
  • Additional tasks as assigned

SustainEastBay Club

  • Serve as officer in the Cal State East Bay SustainEastBay Student Club
  • Desire to design sustainability-related engagement activities for the campus community
  • Excited about sustainability activism and organizing 
  • Desire to make a positive impact on campus
  • Willingness to take on a leadership role
  • Desire to plan events, on and off-campus
  • Willing to travel off-campus to promote the Club
  • Open-minded and interested in learning more about sustainability-related issues
  • Manage Club ASI funding, student club standing, and BaySync portal
  • Work closely with the Event Planner and Social Media student assistants for club event planning and promotion
  • Organize and create content for club meetings and events
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Sustainability Office Assessment Program (SOAP)

  • Desire to help improve sustainability of campus office operations
  • Ability to design surveys and analyze survey results
  • Knowledge of, or desire to learn, website editing program Cascade
  • Comfortable marketing SOAP, conducting SOAP assessments, and following up with SOAP participants
  • Organize and document SOAP meetings, walkthroughs, events, overall scheduling
  • Maintain active list of SOAP participants – past, present, and future – and certificates distributed
  • Create and update content in SOAP procedures and policies
  • Manage SOAP ASI funding, student club standing, and BaySync portal
  • Plan and coordinate professional development events, including workshops, community services, and social events
  • Additional tasks as assigned 

Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS)

  • Conduct data collection for the campus’ STARS Report through email communications and interviews with campus stakeholders
  • Track findings in data collection spreadsheets and the online STARS Reporting Tool
  • Interest in learning very detailed information about campus sustainability efforts and making recommendations for improvement from findings
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Suite (Excel) and Google Drive (Sheets)
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Must be organized and have a strong attention to detail
  • Ability to meet deadlines and manage personal work time well
  • Strong research, writing, and oral communication skills 
  • Additional tasks as assigned


  • Passion about art, creativity, and design
  • Experience with programs including but not limited to the Adobe Suite, Canva, and YouTube
  • Design, film, edit, and finalize videos 
  • Develop new ideas for the “60 seconds for sustainability” video series and conduct all necessary actions to design, film, and produce videos
  • Open to work with others and receive feedback from peers to improve work
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Zero Waste 

  • Passionate about educating others on issues of zero waste, social justice, and climate change
  • Not afraid to get hands dirty at work and conduct zero waste surveys and waste audits
  • Ability to design creative and engaging educational campaigns and events
  • Willing to enthusiastically dress up as a “Waste Wizard” at events and for trainings 
  • Actively participate in Cal State East Bay Zero Waste Subcommittee meetings
  • Desire to keep up to date with changes in the waste industry policy and procedures
  • Comfortable communicating directly with Cal State East Bay Facilities staff
  • Partner with various on campus stakeholders (eg, Athletics and Housing)
  • Work closely with SustainEastBay Club
  • Plan and facilitate campus clean ups (either in person or virtually through Litterati)
  • Additional tasks as assigned


Positions are expected to work up to 20 hours/week, with 10 hours/week in the Sustainability HUB (SF 331), pending COVID restrictions. All positions are expected to:

  • Participate in a beginning of the year two-day staff retreat
  • Participate in regular trainings and staff meetings
  • Participate in and staff Office of Sustainability events
  • Design a new, or enhance an existing, on-campus project or program
  • Develop content and track progress in a weekly report
  • Present final project at the annual CSUEB Center for Student Research Symposium;
  • Submit a session proposal to the This Way to Sustainability annual conference, with the option to submit to the California Higher Sustainability Conference and Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference (all expenses paid)
  • Be enrolled for at least 9 units for both the Fall and Spring terms;
  • Work remotely and/or in person
  • Be creative!
  • Speak publicly and prepare work trainings to present in meetings
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Additional tasks as assigned 



Must have excellent English and communication skills. Will be working on-campus and virtually with faculty, staff, and students. Must be able to work within a group, independently, and be comfortable presenting and speaking in public. Accuracy, attention to detail, meticulous record keeping skills, organizational skills, time-management capability and creativity are essential. Knowledge of sustainability issues and a passion for sustainability are not required. Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite (especially word processing and spreadsheets), Google Drive, and online research methods are desirable, but not required. Student assistants will be required to completed campus online training modules such as Safety Orientation, Sexual Harassment, and/or FERPA. The Office of Sustainability hires undergraduate and graduate students, DACA students, and International students. 

To Apply

Applicants are welcome to apply for more than one position. Supplemental information may be requested, depending on position. Only complete applications will be considered. Apply on BaySync by following this link (please ensure you are signed into BaySync before clicking on the link). Deadline to apply is [March 21st, 2021]. Eligible students will be contacted for an interview prior to the end of the Spring Semester. Questions? Contact


Top row left to right: Sandra Torres, Computer Science & Mathematics; Carol Trost, Administrative Support Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability; Jillian Buckholz, Director of the Office of Sustainability; Nikita Bangera, Psychology. 

Middle row left to right: Sarah Smith, Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and Management; Jessica Makora, Art with a focus in interaction and Game Design; Adrien van Dyke, Health Sciences; Sharn Basi, Health Sciences. 

Bottom row left to right: Nidhi Patel, ; Rajeshwari Chaudhari, ; Sandra Vazuqez-Zuniga, Art with a focus in Graphic Design; Abhay Bilapatte, . 


Left to right (top): Elijah Cohen, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Ankur Bhagwat, Masters of Data Analytics; Alexa Armamento, Graphic Design; T. Brooke Schuyler, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Luis Ledesma, International Studies; Karan Monga, Computer Science; Julie Shahan, Masters of Environmental Geosciences; Rahul Garg, Masters of Data Analytics

Left to right (bottom): Sandra Torres, Computer Science & Mathematics; Adrien van Dyke, Health Sciences; Patrick Murphy, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Benjamin Hawklyn, Multimedia


  • Transportation & Food Waste Survey Analysis
  • SustainEastBay Club
  • Zero Waste Trainings & Education
  • Sustainable Office Assessment Program (SOAP)
  • Public Relations & Social Media
  • Earth Week and other Events
  • 60 Seconds for Sustainability Video Series
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory


Left to right (top): Gabriel Del Castillo, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Jason Ross, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Melissa Szeto, Communications; Karan Monga, Computer Science; T. Brooke Schuyler, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Robyn Perry, History; Jonathan Tonel, Industrial Engineering

Left to right (bottom): Lulani Ritok, Math; Elijah Allen, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Gabriela Aguilar, Environmental Studies; Julie Shahan, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Pamela Vega, Masters of Business Administration, Patrick Murphy, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Adrien van Dyke, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Laura Greene, Media Arts; Sandra Torres, Computer Science; Timothy Bacon, Environmental Studies


  • Sustainable Office Assessment Program (SOAP)

  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS)

  • Sustainability Social Media Plan

  • SustainEastBay Student Club

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory

  • Graphic Design

  • Videography

  • Zero Waste Planning & Education

2017-18 students

Left to right: Vanessa Pon Wong, Industrial Engineering; Laura Greene, Multimedia; Robyn Perry, History; TJ Butler, Public Administration; Sandra Torres, Computer Science; Adam Murphy, Kinesiology; Louis Ramos Casillos, Criminal Justice Administration; Cerys Evans, Environmental Science; Darnell Harper Jr., Business Administration; Luigi Madrid, Environmental Science; Dakota Saez, Environmental Studies; Glen Sulicipan, Art; Ashley Sweeny, Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism.


  • Zero Waste Planning & Education
  • Helping Our Pioneers Excel (HOPE) Food Pantry Support
  • Sustainable Office Assessment Program (SOAP)
  • Sustainable Events
  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS)
  • Sustainability Social Media Plan
  • SustainEastBay Student Club
  • Alternative Transportation Education & Programming
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Graphic Design
  • Videography


Left to right (top row): Jericho Apo, Sociology; Geneva Easton, Communications; Carol Trost, Environmental Studies; Jonathan Villarreal, Business Administration; Pablo Narez, Construction Management and Environmental Studies; Luigi Madrid, Environmental Science; Vanessa Cha, Nursing. Left to right (bottom row): Jayshree Wasnik, Statistics; Robyn Perry, History; Brigette Tran, Business Administration, and Political Science; John Zamora, Computer Science; Yvezee Lapada, Biological Sciences; Darnell Harper Jr., Business Administration; Logan Slattery, Business Administration; Cerys Evans, Environmental Science.


  • Zero Waste Education
  • Restroom Paper Towel Compost Program
  • General Compost Program
  • Helping Our Pioneers Excel (HOPE) Food Pantry Support
  • Sustainable Office Assessment Program (SOAP)
  • Sustainable Events
  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS)
  • Sustainability Social Media Plan
  • Community Living Guide
  • SustainEastBay Student Club
  • Carpool Education & Programming
  • Sustainability 101 Education
  • Alternative Transportation Guide
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Take Back the Tap
  • Resident Hall Competitions

2015-16 students.jpg

Left to right: Geneva Easton, Communications; Ariana Famosa Cortez, Environmental Studies; Jennifer Scarbrough, Math; Yvezee Lapada, Biology/Chemistry; Nova Pierce, Geography; Hugo Gregoire, Psychology and Environmental Studies; Teresa Gamber, Environmental Studies; Jacqueline Ortiz, Environmental Studies; Juliet Naishorua, Political Science; W.A., Geography.


  • Gooseneck Takeover (water refill stations on campus water fountains)
  • Elimination of plastic bag distribution on campus
  • Food waste awareness in the Dining Commons
  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System for CSUEB
  • Improving alternative transportation at CSUEB
  • CSUEB Sustainability Map