• In partnership with Terracycle and Toms of Maine, CSU East Bay is able to provide students in housing with additional options to reduce personal waste. The CSUEB Personal Care Recycling program helps divert waste, and takes items that are normally sent to landfills and repurposes them. 
  • Please find the collection bins inside El Dorado and Lassen Hall laundry rooms. 
  • Participation is Simple:
    • Look for collection boxes inside the El Dorado and Lassen Hall Laundry Rooms
    • Drop your clean, empty personal hygiene products directly into the bin! Accepted items include:
      • Tooth Brushes
      • Toothpaste Tubes
      • Floss Containers
      • Mouth Wash Bottles
      • Deoderant Sticks
      • *Both bins are equipped with push pedals for contact-free disposal

Your participation will lessen the campus impact on the environment, save landfill space, and lessen greenhouse gases. What do you have to lose?? Start taking steps towards a sustainable lifestyle, today!