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WST Rubric

WST Rubric
Category Clear Competence (UWR met) Developing Competence (2nd tier required) Limited Competence (1st tier required)
Thesis Thesis gives adequate focus to writer's ideas. Thesis may be implied but is never in doubt. Thesis present, but may be weak, awkwardly stated, or in an ineffective position. Thesis may be missing, inadequate, or not entirely clear resulting in confusion for the reader.
Task The writer responds to the task although some minor aspects may be slighted. The writer may significantly slight some aspect(s) of the writing task. The writer may distort or neglect some aspect(s) of the task.
Organization & Coherence Essay has clear structure, uses a range of transitions and other coherence devices, and is generally easy to follow. Essay has structure, which may be formulaic at times, may have some transitions and other coherence devices, but may be hard to follow at times. Essay structure may be overly simplistic or not apparent, may have a very limited number of transitions and other coherence devices, and/or may be hard to follow.
Development Ideas and evidence support thesis.
Arguments are supported with a variety of development strategies.
Ideas and evidence may not always support thesis.
Arguments may be supported inconsistently; essay may employ a limited number of development strategies.
Ideas and evidence may not be connected to the thesis.
Arguments may lack support and adequate development; essay may employ very limited number of development strategies with little variation.
Technical Command The writer's diction contains generally acceptable academic language.
Language and mechanics generally controlled. A few errors in grammar and/or mechanics may be present, but are of the kind easily remedied.
Sentence types are varied.
The writer's diction contains some non-academic or colloquial words and phrases that weaken the essay.
Language and mechanics moderately controlled. Some errors in grammar and mechanics may be evident, may sometimes be distracting, or may occasionally interfere with comprehension and meaning.
Sentences may be constructed with limited number of sentence types.
The writer's diction contains numerous non-academic and colloquial words or phrases, which distract the reader.
Language and mechanics may be poorly controlled. Vocabulary may be noticeably limited. Errors in grammar and mechanics may be repeatedly evident, highly distracting, or regularly interfere with comprehension and meaning.
Simple sentences may dominate essay.
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