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Jasmine Milan Williams

inked baby

CSUEB Theatre and Dance Alumna, Jasmine Milan Williams (‘14) will be performing in the production of Inked Baby by Christina Anderson for Crowded Fire Theater. The production directed by Lisa Marie Rollins will run September 12th thru October 5th at the Potrero Stage in San Francisco, CA.

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“Desperate to have a child and distrustful of artificial methods, Gloria and her husband Greer decide to conceive a child by natural means, with the help of Gloria’s sister Lena. The sex is good, the insemination successful — and yet affection is just out of reach for everyone involved. As Lena’s pregnancy develops and relationships become ever-more strained, a strange contamination begins to affect the township’s health, bringing the family’s choices and their mortality into question. Crowded Fire is thrilled to welcome back the nationally-lauded Anderson after producing the world-premiere of her first play, DRIP, in 2009 and GOOD GOODS in 2012. Poetic, mysterious, and full of longing, Christina Anderson’s INKED BABY questions how and why we hold onto land and family, even when both seem toxic and the future tenuous.” -Crowded Fire