Keeping Campus Clean and Safe

With three campus locations and dozens of buildings, it’s easy to wonder, “How do I know these public spaces are clean and safe?” The university continues to use cleaning and disinfecting protocols that meet the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control guidelines. 

  • Public areas and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected twice a day
  • All other spaces are cleaned and disinfected once a day

We’re hard at work before you come to campus

The air in buildings/offices/classrooms is 100 percent outside air, filtered before diffused into the buildings/spaces. Each building has multiple filters as part of the Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and the filters are on routine scheduled replacement to meet the required air quality of spaces in all buildings. Individual air filters are discouraged as they overload our electrical system.

Building Security/Access

To ensure your security and safety, not all spaces will be opened during business hours. If you need access, please check with your manager and request a key or card access through theFDO website.

  • Only classrooms public/shared spaces scheduled for in-person instructions will be opened. 
  • If you need space for additional activity, please submit a service request to FDO seven days prior to the scheduled activities. Restrooms will be available.

Classrooms and laboratories

Per CDC guidelines, all classrooms and laboratories are cleaned and disinfected once daily before scheduled in person classes. Additional cleaning and disinfection is available upon request through the FDO work request system.  

  • Cleaning is the removal of dirt and germs from surfaces. Tasks performed as part of cleaning include and not limited emptying of trash, recycling and composting bins, vacuuming of carpets, sweeping or dust mopping of hard surface floorings, wet mopping of restrooms, sanitizing of restrooms, cleaning of all water fountains and surfaces, dusting of hard surfaces etc.
  • Disinfecting is the application of approved chemical agents or processes to kill harmful bacteria and other microorganisms on frequently touched surfaces and objects. Disinfecting is the application of approved chemical agents or processes to kill harmful bacteria and The effectiveness of the disinfectant on harmful bacteria and other microorganisms is labelled on the container. Tasks performed as part of disinfecting includes but not limited to applying the disinfectant on door knobs and handles, classroom desks and chairs, tables and chairs in conference rooms, break rooms, shared spaces, light switches, share equipment and phones etc.

When you are on campus

Please use good public health measures, including washing your hands often or using the hand sanitizers located at the entrance of every building and by all elevators.  

Service counters

All service counters have plexiglass installed for additional safety. If your work area requires additional plexiglass, please review the request guidelines.


Breakrooms are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis or as needed. With the East Bay’s beautiful weather, try one of the many outside seating areas on campus! 

Print areas

Use a stylus on keypads or use the wipes provided for before and after using the printer or any shared tools in the work area. 

Your role in keeping us all safe

There are three key actions you can do to keep safe and well: 

  • Stay home if you feel unwell
  • Wear your face covering if you are not fully vaccinated
  • Wash your hands frequently 

Protective and Disinfecting Supplies

Plexiglass shields

As part of this process, the university identified key locations for plexiglass shields to be installed across campus to help maintain social distance and physical separation. As part of their department workspace assessments, managers also identified plexiglass shields needs for their areas. If you believe your workspace requires plexiglass shields or additional shields, please complete the plexiglass shield request form and read the plexiglass installation guidelines.

Face coverings and gloves

The Environmental Health and Safety office (under Risk Management) has cloth face coverings available for employees who forget theirs for the day. They’re located in SA 1600.

For gloves, face shield, and face covering requests, please complete the supply request form. Shipping and Receiving will notify you when the items are ready for pick-up.

N-95 Masks

The university is providing N-95 masks to employees for voluntary use. Please note, wearing an N-95 mask can make breathing more difficult as you need to pull air through the filtering facepiece when you inhale. Not everyone can wear an N-95 mask. Please consult with your physician as to whether you can wear one, particularly if you have pre-existing heart or respiratory conditions.

Employees who would like to request N-95 masks for voluntary use can submit the request here. Risk Management will notify you when the items can be picked up.


The university is providing hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes for departmental and classroom usage. To request these items please complete the disinfectant supplies request form and Shipping and Receiving will respond to your request.