Reported Cases

How to report a COVID-19 case

  • Confirmed cases of COVID-19 involving a student should be reported to Student Health and Counseling Services using the Student COVID-19 Positive or Suspected Case Report
  • Confirmed or exposed cases of COVID-19 involving a faculty or staff member should be reported to Human Resources using the COVID-19 Reporting Form.
  • From that point, SHCS or Human Resources will follow up with the students or employees and notify any close contacts. In order to protect the privacy of students, faculty and staff, please do not copy other campus community members or individuals on the message.

Test-confirmed COVID-19 cases at Cal State East Bay*

 Case counts since Sept. 16, 2021

Most recent confirmed case on a campus location: July 28, 2022
Campus Students Faculty/Staff Total
Hayward 207 129 336
Concord 8 6 14
Oakland Center 0 0 0
Total 215 135 350


Case counts through Sept. 15, 2021

Confirmed cases on a campus location between Aug. 17, 2020- Sept. 15, 2021
Campus Students Faculty/Staff Total
Hayward 48 26 74
Concord 2 0 2
Oakland Center 0 0 0
Total 50 26 76


*Based on last contact on campus where 1) a public health agency has confirmed via a COVID-19 test that a member of the university community has the virus AND 2) the individual was recently on campus or other university-related instructional site.

Between March 2020 and August 16, 2020, Cal State East Bay was notified of sixteen (16) students, faculty or staff members reported a confirmed COVID-19 test. Beginning Aug. 17, 2020, test-confirmed cases at Cal State East Bay location are reported above; if the number is zero (0), there has not been a test-confirmed COVID-19 case from that group or location. CSUEB is in contact with local health officials and are following national guidelines related to COVID-19.