We know that starting a new semester or a new school can be overwhelming,  with a lot of information to take in all at once. Whether you’re on campus or studying online, we have lots of AskMe ambassadors who are here to help answer your questions. For the first two weeks of the semester while we remain remote, we are here to support you via our Virtual ASK ME sessions. 

We will be on Zoom, Instagram and Facebook .   Join us wherever you like, ask a question or connect with other students.  Our ASKME Ambassadors will be here to assist weekdays from    January 18-January 27 from 8:00 am-3:30 pm

You can also find helpful information at our


Once we are back on campus, we will also be here to help you navigate the campus. 

Our AskMe ambassadors are here to help! Wherever you see an AskMe sign, t-shirt, or badge, you will find a friendly face who can help you navigate challenges during our return on campus!
You can stop by and ask for help—no question is too small. We will answer your question or get you in touch with the correct department :)
We have strategically placed our ambassadors throughout the campus to assist students with directions to class and give them the support they need to make their Spring semester a success!

You can find AskMe ambassadors across campus once we return to in person classes.

We will have AskMe stations in the following locations around campus:


1.  Science (North) 

2.  A&E walkway

3. RAW (Recreation and Wellness Center) 

4.  East Bay Letters

5.  VBT (Valley Business and Technology)  Lawn Area 

6. Redwood Grove 

7.  PE/Music Lawn 

8.  Robinson Hall/Theater/Music