Choosing a Major

Group of student talking.

AACE provides a variety of resources and knowledgeable staff to help students make well informed decisions about major and career options. AACE Counselors encourage students to research the available majors by consulting the University Catalog, speaking with faculty, staff and/or advisors in major departments, and enrolling in introductory courses offered in the major programs of interest.

Undeclared students should consider all possibilities, as most major programs may not prepare students for a specific job, but instead will get them ready for the job market by developing transferable skills. AACE provides additional resources which include self-assessment testing to better understand personal interest, values, and abilities; and a career library to aid research on majors and careers. AACE counselors are also available to assist students narrow down the focus on majors that lead to specific careers.

What is important for undeclared majors to understand is that choosing a major is a process. Students must actively pursue experiences that will give them the information they need to choose their major. Also, choosing a major and a career are not the same. Many college graduates are employed in fields not directly related to their majors, and most people change careers more than once in their lifetime. Remember, the ultimate goal is graduation in a major and AACE counselors are available to help students complete the process.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Studies Major and the Special Certificate programs is to allow students, with the advice and approval of knowledgeable faculty and administrators, to design their own academic programs tailored to their unique needs and interests.

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