Computer Lab Reservations

In August 2010 the Computer Lab Reservation system was closed down and the process for reserving a computer lab was moved to the Facilities Reservations online request form.

NOTE: this request form is for Ad Hoc use of the computer labs only. If the reservation is for an academic class that will meet in the lab on a regular basis, the computer lab room will be assigned to the academic class at the time of initial classroom assignments - approx 2 months prior to the beginning of classes. Faculty will need to plan accordingly and give their request for computer lab use to the department scheduler in a timely manner. The department scheduler will then send an email to to request the computer lab room for the academic class. The processes for academic classroom assignment is summarized on the Academic Scheduling pages.

The computer lab rooms available for reservations are:





Hayward AE 393 CEAS
Hayward MB 2505 American Language Prgm
Hayward MI 3038 English Creative Writing
Hayward SC N104 Statistics Lab
Hayward SC S138 Science Lab
Hayward SC S146 Science Lab
Hayward SC S223 Psychology
Hayward VBT 221 CBE Instructional Lab
Hayward VBT 222 CBE Instructional Lab
Concord CCCC 165 Concord 28
Concord CCCC 167 Concord 29
Concord CCCC 169 Concord 19

For software and other computer and device technical questions, please submit a service ticket with the Classroom and Lab Support group, or visit their website at:

Access to the computer lab rooms

Access to the computer lab rooms is now based on a card swipe system. You will need to obtain a new BayCard (called a ProxCard) that will be programmed to assure that  you have access to the rooms.

You must submit a request for this new card via the key request form found at:

Once you submit the request form, you will need to pick up your new ProxCard which will be programmed to grant you access as determined by your teaching schedule or your space reservation confirmation.

If you have any questions about the new lock system, or about submitting your key request, please contact Facilities Planning and Construction at: 510-885-3513;

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