Room Change Request Process

If you would like to request a room change, you may do so by submitting it online through the Housing Portal. Please be sure to read the timeline and instructions below before completing the form below and submitting it.

The Room Change Request form is to be used only for same-type room transfers (e.g., PH Doubles to PH Doubles, Suite Double to Suite Double, University Village Doubles to University Village Doubles, etc).

If you would like to request a different room type (e.g., UV Double to PH Double, PH Single to UV Double), you will need to add your name to the Waiting List.

Fall 2021 Timeline:

August 27th - September 1st:: Room Change Request forms may be submitted online.

September 2nd - September 3rd:: Assignments Coordinator will review all submitted requests.

September 8th:: Residents are notified of approval/denial of their request.

September 9th - September 10th:: Residents who received approval will complete the check-in/out process.

More information:

Residents going through this process will receive ONE free move per academic year, provided availability and that it happens during the official Room Change Process. Additional moves, if approved, will cost $50 per change.

A submitted Room Change Request Form during the official process DOES NOT guarantee approval, and only residents who are approved may move.

Residents SHOULD NOT move apartments/rooms unless notified that the request was approved.

Questions? Contact the Lassen Housing Office via email, phone, or stop by during business hours of Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.