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Intensive English
and IELTS Preparation

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The California State University, East Bay Intensive English Program features:

  • Six levels of instruction
  • IELTS preparation classes
  • Academic advising for undergraduate students
  • Official IELTS available every month on campus
  • Customized preparation for graduate students

Program Outcomes

  • Fluency in English speaking and writing, for academic, professional, and general purposes
  • Preparation for freshman year at CSUEB through the University Preparation Program
  • Broadened knowledge of academic subjects from a U.S. perspective
  • Study with academically talented American and other international students
  • Enjoyment of many intellectual, social and cultural experiences

Students from many different countries are enrolled in each 10-week quarter. The varied curriculum has been designed to meet the individual educational and career goals of each student. Classes are small, usually numbering between 15–18 students, allowing for a dynamic exchange between students and instructor.

Faculty and students utilize all campus resources, including the computer labs, library, and multimedia learning center. Every student is assigned to an advisor for the time they are in the program. This advisor assists in choosing appropriate courses and moving the student into a university degree program.


The curriculum consists of a required Core Program of 3 courses:

  • Writing (6 hours per week)
  • Reading/Vocabulary (4 hours per week)
  • Listening/Speaking (4 hours per week)

Students also choose one mandatory course from a variety of Electives at all levels to practice learning typical first year university content in English. Electives include such courses as U.S. American History, Earth Science, U.S. American Culture, Public Speaking, Business or Arts Appreciation.

Students who are planning to go to an undergraduate or graduate program may also choose to take IELTS Preparation as an Elective.

In the afternoons, all students are required to take either 1 or 2 of the following supplemental programs:

  • University Preparation Program
    These are workshops and activities to prepare for freshman year at CSUEB
  • Bay Area Experience

Sample Schedule










Listening / Speaking


Listening / Speaking

Bay Area Experience

Fun Trips




Listening / Speaking

University Preparation Program

Listening / Speaking

University Preparation Program


Preparation for Graduate Studies

Students who plan to enter a university graduate program at Cal State East Bay or other university in the United States should take courses in the Intensive English Program. Based on the results of their initial placement, students who receive permission from the ALP Director may have the option of taking such courses as:

  • GRE/GMAT Preparation
  • Graduate Reading and Writing
  • Undergraduate CSUEB courses to meet graduate program goals

Program Fees


Intensive English Program (IEP)

Intensive English Program (IEP)
5-week Summer Session

Application Fee

$100 one-time application fee & each time deferring or changing program

ALP Tuition/Quarter



Program Dates

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Last Updated 5/13/13