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Pre-MBA Program

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Program Overview

Offered in collaboration with the College of Business and Economics, the Pre-MBA is an intensive, integrated curriculum of business courses, GMAT preparation and critical academic skills for international students preparing to enter graduate business school.

Students are admitted to this program when preparing for admission to the AACSB accredited Masters in Business Administration at CSU East Bay. The length of program depends on their needs - one to three quarters of study are possible (three to nine months).

A typical three month program consists of:

  • One graduate level MBA Fundamental course for credit (4 quarter credits) in Accounting, Information Technology or Management
  • Graduate Writing and IELTS Preparation Workshops (9 hours per week)
  • GMAT Preparation Workshops (5 to 10 hours per week)
  • One undergraduate Math or Statistics course if required by College of Business

Admission Requirements for the Pre-MBA Program

  • A degree satisfying the undergraduate degree requirements of the MBA, including no less than a GPA of 2.5 in the final two years of study. Meeting this requirement to be confirmed through screening of the transcript by International Admissions, following guidelines to be set by the College of Business.
  • IELTS 6 or TOEFL 71

Students must have already applied to the MBA before beginning the program through CSU Mentor. A GMAT score is a requirement for continuing from first to second quarter in the program.

Admission Requirements for the CSU East Bay MBA Program

After completion of the Pre-MBA program, students have usually satisfied all of the international student requirements to enter the CSU East Bay MBA program, namely:

GMAT + last two year's undergraduate GPA x 200 = 1050
IELTS 6.5. or TOEFL 79

Ideal Students

  • Students who do not possess an undergraduate degree in business, and intend to pursue an MBA degree or any Master's in business degree at Cal State East Bay or other American university.
  • Undergraduate business majors who need to master the English and/or academic skills needed to pass required TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT exams, and academic course work for acceptance to the university MBA Program.
  • Non-business professionals who seek an accelerated foundation in business administration without the degree

Program Outcomes

  • Full transfer of credit into the CSU East Bay MBA of one to three fundamental courses (4-12 units)
  • Admission to MBA after meeting TOEFL or IELTS and GMAT requirements

Program Benefits

  • Strengthen business communication skills
  • Develop necessary study skills for success in graduate business school
  • Learn about US business practices
  • Intensive GMAT test taking preparation

Course Curriculum

Three MBA Fundamental courses are taught as part of the Pre-MBA, one each in the following quarters:


MGMT 6015 Data Analysis and Decision Modeling for Managers (4 units) Quantitative modeling and data analysis as they are applied for making managerial decisions in organizations. Topics include regression, correlation, forecasting models, optimization, decision analysis, project management, and simulation. Emphasis on usage of spreadsheet modeling and appropriate software technology.


ACCT 6015 Financial Accounting (4 units) Focus on financial reporting, analysis, interpretation, and decision-making for manager. Topics include constructing, analyzing and interpreting financial statements , analyzing operating income, operating assets, debt financing, owner financing, and off-balance-sheet financing.


ITM 6015 Information Systems Development and Management (4 units) Development of business information technology strategies and solutions for enterprise and global information management systems. Topics include the structure, analysis, design, and implementation of information technology.


No credit course is given.

IELTS Preparation

An intensive overview of advanced vocabulary, reading, grammar, listening and essay writing. Focus is placed on improving IELTS test scores for admission to an MBA program at Cal State East Bay or other institution.

GMAT Preparation

  • GMAT Verbal Preparation Workshop
    A 40-hour, 10-week course that focuses on the verbal section of the test; course offers access to multimedia software in the ALP Learning Center.
  • GMAT Quant Preparation Workshop
    A 40-hour, 10-week course for students who need to practice the math skills required on the Quantitative section of the GMAT

Program Fees

Pre-MBA Program

Application Fee

$100 one-time application fee & each time deferring or changing program

Registration Fee/Quarter


ALP Tuition & Course Fees/Quarter


Total Fees/Quarter


*If you choose to take MATH1130 (4 units) and/or STAT1000/2010 (5 units) class through Open University, additional fees ($304/unit) will be applied.

Contact Us

For further information please contact:
Miguel Silva, Program Coordinator, at:

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Last Updated 5/13/13