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Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence


Established by Executive Order 1066, the CSUEB Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence Fee (A2E2) facilitates student retention, success, and workforce development through five major initiatives funded and assessed on a yearly basis:

Device Voucher (DEV)

Supporting the individual purchase of a learning device for eligible students.

University-wide Activities and Programs (UAP)

Supporting high-impact programs and services for students across the university.

Enhanced Instructionally Related Activities (EIRA)

Supporting activities that enhance and enrich student learning within degree programs.

Enhanced Course Learning (ECL)

Supporting course-specific costs that are integral to a course’s offering.

Instructional and Research Equipment Enhancement (IREE)

Supporting the purchase of equipment, hardware, and software for instruction and student research across the curriculum.

Current Calls for Proposals

Enhanced Course Learning (ECL)

As part of the A2E2 fee, ECL is allocated to colleges to directly support state-side academic courses through the funding of consumables, services, or field trips that are part of the basic foundation of a course’s offering.

Enhanced Instructionally Related Activities (EIRA)

As part of the A2E2 fee, EIRA is allocated to colleges to support activities related to coursework and the degree programs under which that coursework occurs. Compared to Enhanced Course Learning (ECL) funding (which is limited to specific courses), EIRA is broader in purpose, funding activities which occur at the level of an academic degree program.

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