Job and Internship Posting

Employers may post qualified open positions—free of charge—on PioneerJobs 

Prior to posting a position, please review the Employer Ethical Standards and Recruitment Practices. We reserve the right to refuse any position that does not abide by the Ethical Standards and Recruitment Practices. AACE does not guarantee that any position listed on PioneerJobs will receive responses from applicants. Here are some basic guidelines on submitting job positions on PioneerJobs. 

  • Please do not use all capital letters. Use both upper and lower case letters following standard English grammar rules for capitalization.
  • Please spell out words that may not be commonly known outside your industry. Please avoid using abbreviations.
  • Please be thorough in completing the requested information detailing separately the job description, qualifications, how to apply and the salary. Providing incomplete information may slow down the posting and approval process, and may cause your job posting request to be denied.
  • If you are posting a paid part-time job, please provide the hourly wage or part-time salary.
  • If you are posting a full-time position, please enter a salary or salary range. Avoid using DOE (Depending on Experience) or Negotiable.
  • Please DO NOT copy and paste text from HTML documents or websites. Information imported from these types of documents frequently have additional coding that takes up space and distorts the quality of the job posting. 
  • Please enter only one position (job vacancy) at a time.  Multiple jobs in one posting are not allowed.
  • Please allow 2-7 days for the submitted job posting to be reviewed and posted.
  • Consistent with the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct, all job postings must contain accurate information about the organization offering employment and the position offered and all employers must comply with all Equal Employment Opportunity standards.

AACE does not accept postings from personal households (i.e. baby sitting, tutoring, house sitting).

Businesses you submit a PioneerJobs profile, may be asked to provide a copy of their business license.

AACE reserves the right to decline postings and recruitment for positions that require a financial investment by CSUEB students, or postings or recruitment for positions that conflict with the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct.

Employers registered with PioneerJobs are welcome to keep approved information about career opportunities for students in the AACE lobby. Please contact AACE regarding this option at (510) 885-2453.


Internships provide a training/educational opportunity that only benefits the student working in your organization. Internships are carefully monitored work or service experience in which a student has intentional learning objectives and reflects actively on what she or he is learning throughout the experience. Before you interview and prior to any hiring decisions, develop specific projects and assignments with learning objectives. Consider your internship program as a favorable way to introduce students to your profession or industry. AACE allows organizations to submit comprehensive internship listings (for the academic year or summer) from all industries through PioneerJobs. 

Advance planning is the key to a successful internship program. Learn about internships and prepare your organization for an intern well before recruiting. Organizations that take the initiative to develop well-constructed internship positions have better success with recruitment and retention. If you think your internship position meets the necessary criteria, register your organization and yourself as a contact using PioneerJobs.


We live in a competitive world, even with respect to attract qualified students. AACE encourages all employers to provide paid internships that are submitted through PioneerJobs. Employers get into trouble when they view unpaid internships as a way to accomplish work tasks rather than as an educational opportunity aimed at assisting students. We do not encourage or support the notion of stipends for interns unless clearly detailed to the student in the internship description posted on PioneerJobs. If your organization prefers to offer a stipend, it must be calculated to match at least the minimum wage per hour that is worked.  If your organization posts unpaid internships in PioneerJobs, they must meet the definition of “internship” as defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers NACE Definition of Internship. If your organization is unable to pay wages, consider providing alternative incentives to attract students.  Many employers reimburse students for transportation or other costs associated with the internship. Alternative incentives may include the following:

  • Transportation, parking, and/or meal stipend
  • One-year paid membership in an appropriate professional organization
  • Internal networking opportunities (meeting key professionals within the organization)
  • External networking opportunities (attending industry conference or other networking events)
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