Curricular Procedures Manual

Subject Categories

Subject areas are those used in the Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS), U.S. Government. (List derives from Executive Order 602.)

Subject Categories for Which Authority to Establish Any Options, Concentrations, and Special Emphases is Delegated to the Presidents.
Area Studies 03011–03999
Biological Sciences 04011-04999
Business and Management (except Hospitality Management) 05011-05079, 05091-05999
Communications, General 6011
Journalism 6021
Advertising 6041
Education 08011-08999
Fine Arts, General 10011
Art 10021, 10031
Music 10051, 10052, 10061
Theatre Arts 10071
Foreign Languages 11011-11999
Home Economics 13011-13999
Letters 15011-15999
Mathematics 17011-17999
Military Sciences 18011-18999
Physical Sciences 19011-1999
Psychology 20011-20999
Community Services 21011
Public Administration 21021
Parks and recreation Management 21031, 21032
Human Services 21042
Gerontology (Programs with Social service Emphasis) 21043
Deaf Studies 21044
Criminal Justice Administration 21051, 21052, 21053
Social Sciences 22011-22999
Interdisciplinary Studies Authority is delegated for option, concentrations, and special emphases comprised of courses from existing approved programs.
Subject Categories for Which Authority to Establish Options, Concentrations, and Special Emphases is Delegated to the Presidents, Only if the First Two digits of the HEGIS Code of the Option/Concentration/Emphasis are the Same as the First Two Digits of the HEGIS Code of the Major Within Which it is Established.
Agriculture and Natural Resources 01011-01999
Architecture and Environmental Design 02011-02999
Hospitality Management 5081
Radio-Television, Communications Media 06031-06051
Computer and Information Sciences 07011-07999
Engineering 09011-09999
Art (Studio Performance) 10022
Music (Performance) 10041
Theatre Arts (Performance), Dance, Applied Design, Cinematography, Photography 10072-10999
Health Professions 12011-12999
Library Science 16011-16999
Social Work 21041
Other Public Affairs and Services 21061-21999
Theology 23011
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