Curricular Procedures Manual

Introduction to Curricular Procedures

This website is the location of the current edition of the Curriculum Procedures Manual and supersedes all previous versions. It provides step-by-step instructions, timelines and all of the necessary forms for proposing curricular changes to the academic programs at California State University, East Bay. (Non-academic certificates offered through Extension are processed and reviewed by that department alone.) It is an important tool to help departments prepare curricular additions and changes. Creating new curriculum, refreshing old curriculum and discontinuing unneeded curriculum is important for keeping pace with changes in the disciplines, workforce needs, and student interest. The format of this Manual was designed to facilitate curricular change and innovation and to reduce unnecessary frustration with filling out forms.

The current curricular procedures of California State University, East Bay were developed and approved by the faculty through the Academic Senate structure in Fall Quarter, 1993. The President endorsed the Senate's action on December 21, 1993. Academic policies governing curricular proposals derive from the CSUEB Academic Senate, Chancellor's Executive Orders, and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. Appropriate documents and sections will be cited throughout this manual.

All of the curricular forms with instructions are online which makes them easy to fill out. All curricular proposals will be put on Sharepoint to make it possible for everyone in the university to access and review them easily and it will also enable us to archive them online. Please refer to the CSUEB Catalog Revisions Information at , which is important in the planning of curricular reform. If you still have questions about the forms or the process, please feel free to contact your College Curriculum Coordinator or the University Curriculum Coordinator.

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