The Staff's Role in Student Accessibility

Welcome CSUEB staff! If we haven't already met, we look forward to working with you. We are Accessibility Services and our goal is to ensure equal opportunities and accessibility for all students. But we can't do this alone.

Our office verifies disabilities, determines and arranges accommodations, and provides student support. As a CSUEB staff member, you are responsible for maintaining a safe and accessible environment and for assisting with students' reasonable and timely accommodation requests, as they relate to your services.

While most accommodations are classroom-relevant, students with disabilities may need special arrangements in a variety of situations including building and walkway access, housing and technology needs, interacting with staff, and using student services.

We appreciate those of you who have worked with us and our students in the past, or have generally helped to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for students with disabilities on this campus. We won't hesitate to consult with you in your area of expertise and we encourage you to return the favor. Contact us if you have any questions about disability or accessibility issues.

For more information, check out the topics below.

Universal Design and Your Services

Student Behavior and Safety

Disability and Confidentiality

Helpful Attitudes and Etiquette

Accommodating University Events

Laws, Policies, and Resources

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