Standardized Test Takers

Accessible Testing accommodations for standardized tests such as the ELM, EPT, and WST are provided by the University Testing Office after receiving notification of accommodations from Accessibility Services.

  1. Register and pay for the standardized test according to published procedures and deadlines provided by the Testing Office.  This can be done by visiting or by calling 510-885-3662.

  2. Contact Accessibility Services for accommodations. Immediately after registering for the test, contact Accessibility Services to submit an Accessible Standardized Testing Request and schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss your accommodation needs.  If you already receive testing accommodations through our office, you will need to submit an Accessible Standardized Testing Request, but an appointment is not necessary. Refer to the Testing Office’s website for details regarding the deadline to submit a request.

  3. Check your email for confirmation of your accommodations. After your appointment with an Accessibility Counselor or after your counselor has received your Accessible Standardized Testing Request, you will receive an email sent to the Testing Office with your approved accommodations.

  4. Remember that accommodated University standardized tests are given on a different date and time than your registered test date.  Tests for accommodated exams will be given on an alternate date. The Testing Office will email you your Admission Ticket on the Friday before your registered test date with the actual date, time, and location.

  5. Arrive to your test on time.  Per Testing Office policy, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your exam, you will have that time subtracted from your total accommodated time or you will lose your testing opportunity.

  6. Repeat this process if you need to take another standardized test.  The Accessible University Testing Request is valid only for the test and date specified on the form. If you take another test with the Testing Office in the future, you will need to complete a new request form.
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