Bay Card Access Credentials

When access is required for a room secured by proximity card, security access credentials are required.

Security access credentials must be granted by the Lockshop.  These credentials will be granted electronically on a Proximity Bay Card.

How do I get Access Credentials?

To gain access credentials please submit an approved key request form.  A new Proximity Bay Card may be issued by the Lockshop if you do not already have one.  You will be contacted when the card is available for pickup.

  • Request Access Credentials for the room you require access by using the Key/Access Credentials Request Form

Credentials may be granted within 2 to 3 business days after the submition of a complete and approved request form to Facilities Management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I know if I have a Proximity Bay Card?

All Prox Bay Cards will have a numaric code along the back-right corner above the magnetic strip.  If this code is not present access credentials cannot be assigned to your Bay Card.  If the back of your Bay Card is similar to the photo below you do not have a Prox Bay Card.

Back of Bay Card

Is there a charge for the new Prox. Bay Card?

No charge will be assessed for faculty and staff.

Do I need a Prox. Bay Card?

Only if you require access to a room that is electronically secured and accessed by a Proximity Card Reader.

What if I already have a Prox. Bay Card?

No new Bay Card will need to be issued; if this is a faculty teaching on a regular basis, their name will be sent to the Locksmith by University Scheduleing so their Bay Card can be programmed appropriately to access the rooms they have access credentials for.  If they require new or additional access credentials to access other rooms they will need to submit another request form.

What if the new Prox Bay Card does not work when I get to the room?  Who do I contact?

In an emergency (ie: class is waiting) UPD can open the door.  The issue must be reported to Facilities Management Locksmith shop as a technical matter immediatly.  This is reported by submitting a work order.

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