Key Request

To request either a new or replacement key please complete the University Key/Access Credential Request Form.

Please Note:Mixed Key Set

  • It's important to complete all fields and get all required signatures. If the form does not have all the information required, your request will be returned to you.
  • Students are required to pay a $20 refundable deposit per key. No deposits are required for access cards.


Why can't I just give my keys to someone else or just loan them out?

All keys and access credentials are controlled.

If I receive a new Bay Card with proximity technology what happens to my Bay Bucks?

Your new card will have the same ID and account number and will be the same as your old card except now it has an access credential. (Your money will still be there...)

Do I need to fill-out a Key Request if I'm just having the doors re-keyed?

Yes, all requests whether they are for new keys, re-keying, additional keys etc...all requests need a completed and signed form.

I've lost my keys. Now what?

Complete the Replacement/Missing Key(s)/Access Card portion of the University Key/Access Credential Request and all other required information plus the authorized signatures. Yes, you must get it signed again.

The lock on the door is hard to open. Do I fill out a Maintenance Request or Key Request?

Complete an online Maintenance Request.

Do I need to fill out the WHOLE Key Request Form or only part of it?

You always need to complete the upper portion and signatures sections. Students need to complete the "Student" section and if you've lost your keys, complete the "Replacement/Missing" portion.

Why can't I just call to get new keys?

By State law all University keys and access credentials are controlled, therefore, we need a form and authorized signatures.

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