Risk Management & Internal Control

Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Advisory Committee assists the Vice President, Administration and Finance, by providing advice and information in support of the performance of risk management functions. The committee generally meets at least quarterly to discuss current issues and trends. Committee members include:

  • Vice President, Administration and Finance (Chair)
  • Risk Manager (Operational Support)
  • Director, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Director, Student Health Services (Student Services Representative)
  • Director, Contra Costa Center (Academic Affairs representative)
  • Workers’ Compensation Coordinator
  • Budget Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Associate Vice President, Business and Finance
  • Director, Public Safety

One of the primary functions of the committee is to help identify risk exposures and determine the assignment of persons, department, group, etc. to complete the evaluation of identified risks and determine the optimal method to be used to mitigate the risks in accordance with theHazard Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan Procedures.

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