Risk Management & Internal Control

CSUEB Motor Vehicle Use

The State of California annually contracts with several commercial car rental companies to provide vehicles to state employees while on official university business.  When making reservations with the state contracted rental agency, you must use the state contract account number. For more information, contact Chantal Ebarle. Under the terms of these contracts, the commercial car rental company bears the entire risk of loss or damage to the rented vehicles.  Accordingly when renting vehicles from one of these companies DO NOT purchase the insurance waiver offered.  Also, the rental fee includes liability insurance up to $500,000 for injury to or loss or damage to third parties when the accident is the fault of the state driver.  Above that limit, the State Motor Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance would apply. 

To be covered by the insurance of the commercial car rental company and the state of California, you must use one of the commercial car rental companies contracted with the State of California and you must pay for the rental car with either an American Express Government Card (obtained through the University credit card administrator in the Purchasing Office) or the Department of General Services Blue Card (available through the travel coordinator in the Accounts Payable office).  If there is a valid reason you are unable to use one of the contracted car companies and/or are unable to utilize the required method of payment, you may accept the insurance waiver but you must provide a full explanation on your travel claim or you will not be reimbursed for the expense.  If you do not obtain insurance through the car rental company, your personal insurance will be primary.

The State of California negotiates contracts on an annual basis.  Therefore, car rental contractors, rates, locations and types of vehicles available for rent may change at the beginning of the year.  Information can be found athttp://www.travel.dgs.ca.gov/CarRental/default.htm

In the event of an accident, a Vehicle Accident Form (Std 270) and a State Driver Accident Review (Std.Form 274)should be filed with the motor pool within 48 hours and a copy forwarded to the Risk Management Office.

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