Risk Management & Internal Control

Medical Injury Information

State Employees involved in vehicle accidents on state business who sustain bodily injuries may receive medical attention from the California State University’s designated Worker’s Compensation provider or their pre-designated physician or health care provider.

Immediately contact the campus Worker’s Compensation coordinator, Ann Marie Rivas, at (510) 885-7668 for information and a claim form, if needed.  

Registered volunteers and certain interns may be eligible for workers’ compensation and should contact the coordinator identified above. 

All other parties involved in a state vehicle car accident may receive treatment or medical attention at the nearest or preferred hospital or clinic.  Liability Claims may then be filed with the Victim Compensation Board for reasonable and documented medical expenses related to the accident. 

The Motor Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance Program does not provide coverage for uninsured motorists.

Students (including extension students) are covered for accidents and related medical care while traveling to or from or participating in (excluding athletics) mandatory or sponsored university activity.  Personal insurance is considered primary.  Benefits include payments of up to $10K (See Risk Management - Insurance - Student Travel Accident Insurance).

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