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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers' Compensation is an employer-paid benefit that provides you with medical, compensation, and vocational rehabilitation benefits if you are injured on the job or become ill because of your work. Workers' Compensation provides your dependents with a death benefit in the unlikely event that you die because of an injury or illness that results from your work for the University.

Who is covered by Workers' Compensation?

Employees (including faculty, staff, management, special consultants, student assistants, and work-study students), appointed volunteers, and some students enrolled in off-campus internships are covered by Workers' Compensation. You are covered when you perform your work for the University. Coverage begins the first minute that you are on the job and continues any time that you work. You do not have to work a certain amount of time or earn a certain amount of money before you are covered. Coverage is automatic and immediate.

What types of injuries and illnesses are covered by Workers' Compensation?

Any injury or illness, caused by your job, is covered by Workers' Compensation. This includes minor injuries and illnesses as well as serious injuries and illnesses. Under Workers' Compensation, you are covered no matter who was at fault for your injury or illness.

How do I claim benefits under Workers' Compensation?

Immediately report your injury or illness to your supervisor. This helps protect your right to Workers' Compensation benefits. Your supervisor should provide you with an Employee Injury/Illness Report. If your supervisor does not provide you with a claim form, contact the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator in the Risk Management office or the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (Ext 54139) to receive a claim form. Complete and return the claim form to Risk Management.

Where can I go to receive medical assistance?

If your injury or illness is an emergency, call for help immediately. Dial 911. If your injury or illness is not an emergency, contact your supervisor who should arrange transportation for you to the designated Workers’ Compensation care facility.

Who is Sedgwick CMS?

Sedgwick CMS administers the CSU Workers' Compensation program.  Sedgwick CMS determines whether you are eligible to receive Workers' Compensation benefits for your injury or illness. Sedgwick CMS pays all your approved medical bills and pays you any compensation that is due to you (except for industrial disability leave (IDL) and enhanced industrial disability leave (EIDL), which are paid by the University. Sedgwick CMS works with your medical care provider to ensure that you receive high-quality, timely medical care.

How does this affect my health care insurance?

Workers' Compensation is separate from your health care insurance. Workers' Compensation covers all work-related injuries and illnesses. There are no deductibles or co-pays. Sedgwick CMS pays all approved medical bills.

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